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Sep 28, 2020

By Melissa Rodwell

A creative collaboration by Elyse Saunders and Dean Macdonell 

Early in the spring of 2020, in a time of isolation and seasonal change, survival and creativity was flowing.

We were frozen in time, yet Mother Nature was doing her thing. 

The sun was shining strong and wildflowers were pushing up in the most barren of spaces. 

There was undone beauty and nature in the vacant lots of the industrial city.

Nature and creativity pushed against the broken cement and old bricks. 

The wildflowers, as our spirits, pushed and pushed to grow despite the uncertainty that prevailed. 

Strong, Persistent and Beautiful – we are not to be held back. 

Photographer: Dean Macdonell @deanmacphoto, creative, producer, photography

Model: Elyse Saunders @elyse_saunders, creative, stylist, makeup, model

Clothing Credits:

Look 1, 3 & 9: Dress Clover Canyon & Crown Alan Anderson

Look 2: Dress Narces

Look 4: Dress Mikael D & Earrings Alan Anderson

Look 5: Crown Alan Anderson

Look 6: Dress Narces

Look 7: Dress Narces & Earring Alan Anderson

Look 8: Slip Prada & Crown Alan Anderson

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