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When Reviving Skincare

Jan 14, 2020

By Melissa Rodwell

Best Anti-Aging Skincare Products I’ve Ever Used!

I have been hearing about the When line of products for a while and since I’m pretty much a skeptic about “quick-fixes” or “magic potions” I wanted to try this product and give it a month before truly reviewing it. For years I was that girl that didn’t take her makeup off before going to bed ( I KNOW! Too late for the lectures!) but lately, I have been taking notice of my skin because, well, I’m getting to that age where we want to start reversing the clock! I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching and trying new brands. Clean skincare is also very important to me, are you aware of all the junk they can legally put in our makeup and skincare products? Yuck! Since I’m a very health-conscious eater, what I put on my skin is also very important to me!

But sometimes clean products don’t feel like they are really getting the job done! Do you know what I mean? The labels check out but the products seem too tame for me. And then I discovered When https://www.whenbeautyus.com/

I bought three products from their anti-aging line. The When Reviving Toner Mist, the Pure Five Serum with Seanol™ & the Ultimate Cream with Seanol™. Seanol™ is their trademark ingredient which is a brown algae extract, which includes Ecklonia Cava Extract. Coming at us from Jeju Island, a volcanic island in South Korea known for its unique ecology due to the volcanic lava (how cool is that?) Ecklonia Cava is packed with marine polyphenols, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. When Beauty actually holds a patented form of the brown algae extract called Seanol®, an incredible blend of the cleanest ingredients to absolutely aid in anti-aging!

So here’s my routine: I start with their Toner Mist with Marine Complex, spraying a liberal amount on my clean face. First of all, the smell is amazing! Growing up in Southern California, I am immediately transported back to my childhood where I spent happy days in the surf! The spray not only smells like heaven, it sprays evenly and it’s like a strong mist! After I mist with the toner, I use their Pure Five Serum with Seanol™. I apply about 3 pumps which I first put in the palm of my hands and then apply evenly over my skin. I then use a jade roller on top of the serum. I finish with the Ultimate Cream with Seanol™. This cream is truly The Ultimate! It’s so luxurious, so creamy, I can feel it quickly absorbing but going to work to replenish my skin! When’s magic ingredient of Seanol™ helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate the skin! And after a month of using these products, I definitely see a difference in my skin!

This is my new beauty regimen and I’m thrilled to share it with you! With ingredients like Mango and Cocoa Seed butter, Macadamia seed oil, Vitamins A, B, C & E, Algae and Seaweed, you can’t go wrong! I strongly recommend When’s Seanol™ Line! click on any of the links to go to their site!

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