10 Best Apple Watch Faces for Nurses (2023 Updated)

Have you ever noticed how a carpenter has different tools than a painter?

Professionals also need tools designed specifically for their needs, like customized watch faces. For example, a stock trader may want to know stock prices immediately, while a fitness trainer may focus on heart rate and steps taken.

Now, let’s zoom in on nurses. Their day-to-day is hectic. They’re always busy taking care of patients, giving medicine, and doing many other things. What if their Apple Watch could display patient reminders or health metrics at a glance?

That’s the magic we’re diving into finding the best Apple Watch face that fits a nurse like a glove.

This article will explore why watch faces matter, especially for nurses. We’ll also unveil the top 10 Apple Watch faces that every nurse should consider.

Why Do Nurses Need Specialized Apple Watch Faces?

To grasp the actual value of Apple Watch faces, consider this:

You’re a nurse and have exactly three minutes before your next patient check-in. You need to look at your schedule, count your steps, and do a quick breathing exercise quickly.

Sounds like a lot, right? But with the right watch face, all this information is a wrist-raise away.

Let’s face it: some watch faces outshine others.

While some might look cool, they might not fit a nurse’s dynamic routine best. For example, a watch face that prioritizes weather updates and sunset times?

It is not the top pick for someone who spends most of their day indoors attending to patients.

Here’s where the Apple Watch shines. It’s about more than what Apple offers out of the box. It’s about how you, as a user, can tweak it to your needs.

Nurses can customize their watch faces to display the most relevant data for their day. Think patient reminders, health metrics, or even hydration reminders.

Examples of such customizations include:

  • Reminders: Ensure you don’t miss medication schedules with patient medication reminders.
  •  Step Count: Nurses are on their feet a lot. Tracking steps can be a fun way to track activity.
  •  Hydration Alerts: With the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget to drink water. A timely nudge can be a lifesaver.

For nurses, every second counts. In a time-sensitive job, having a tool that provides timely information is crucial.

That’s why specialized Apple Watch faces aren’t a luxury but a necessity.

Choosing the Perfect Watch Face for Nurses

Choosing the right watch face isn’t about aesthetics.

It’s about functionality, efficiency, and, most importantly, making a nurse’s day more manageable. When choosing a watch face, consider what you need most throughout the day.

Let your Apple Watch handle the hard work.

Clarity Above All

When you’re in the middle of a busy shift, squinting to read the time is the last thing you want. That’s why the clarity of the time display is paramount.

No matter if you like big digital numbers or traditional analog designs, it’s essential that the time can be easily seen.

Health Metrics

Nurses, more than anyone, understand the value of health metrics. But there’s a twist. They need to watch themselves while they watch others.

This is where complications come into play.

Complications are the extra things on a watch that show more information. Complications like heart rate, steps, or calories burned are invaluable to nurses.

Examples of health metrics complications:

  • Heart Rate: Keep tabs on your heart rate, especially during stressful moments.
  • Steps: Set daily goals and track how much you move throughout the day.
  • Calories: Keep track of the calories you burn to manage your weight.

Timers and Alarms

Have you ever tried to remember everything on a busy day? It’s impossible.

That’s where timers and alarms step in. Setting reminders helps you remember important things like taking medicine, taking short breaks, and checking on patients.

And the best part?

Some watch faces have built-in timer and alarm functionalities, making the process smoother.

10 Best Apple Watch Faces for Nurses

Imagine having a toolbox, but instead of tools tailored for your job, it’s filled with random items. It needs to be more helpful, right? The same goes for watch faces. Not all nurses can handle the demanding life of the Apple Watch despite its many options. But don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of the top 10 watch faces that are stylish and super functional for nurses.

1. Infographics

The Infographics Watch Face is like having a mini command center on your wrist. The watch face has many options to show information without confusing the user.

Nurses can see important information, like patient schedules, medicine reminders, and heart rates.

The design is both beautiful and valuable. Nurses can see everything they need at once.

2. Chronograph Pro

The Chronograph Pro combines vintage charm and modern utility, showcasing timeless design. Besides its timeless style, it has a stopwatch and tachymeter for accurate timing.

Nurses monitor patients’ pulse and make sure they take scheduled breaks during procedures. The watch face is precise, perfect for meticulous nurses.

3. GMT

The GMT Watch Face stands out as a beacon for global citizens in today’s interconnected world. Designed to keep track of many time zones, it ensures that users are always in sync, no matter where they are.

This watch face helps nurses communicate with international medical teams or training programs abroad. It makes coordinating across different time zones easy.

4. Modular Compact

Simplicity and clarity are at the heart of the Modular Compact Watch Face. It has special sections for things like calendar events and weather. They present everything neatly.

This watch face helps nurses stay organized with busy schedules, from patient visits to team meetings. It ensures that every detail is taken care of, no matter how small.

5. California

The California Watch Face is where elegance meets functionality. Its unique design, blending Roman and Arabic numerals, is a visual treat. But beyond its beauty, it offers space for essential complications.

Nurses need a watch that looks good and reminds them of important appointments and medication schedules. It should also make a fashion statement.

6. Activity Analog

Health and well-being take center stage with the Activity Analog Watch Face. The constant motivator shows daily activity goals with colorful rings.

Nurses focus on patients’ health but must also remember to care for themselves. They can do this by moving around, exercising, or taking breaks.

7. Breathe

Amidst the hustle and bustle of hospital corridors, the Breathe Watch Face is a serene oasis. The design promotes calmness and gives easy access to the Breathe app for mindfulness and relaxation.

Nurses who deal with stressful situations are reminded to pause, breathe, and prioritize their mental health.

8. Modular

The Modular Watch Face is a classic that never goes out of style. Offering a plethora of information, from calendar events to moon phases, it ensures users are always in the know.

Nurses can use it to stay informed about their day, patient visits, and weather. It’s a reliable companion.

9. Siri

The future is smart, and the Siri Watch Face is a testament to that. Evolving based on user habits, it offers personalized information and proactive suggestions.

Nurses need a watch that changes to fit their schedule, with reminders, news, and suggestions to help them.

10. X-Large

In the world of nursing, where every moment can be a whirlwind, the X-Large Watch Face stands out with its emphasis on clarity. With bold and oversized digits, it ensures that time is always clearly visible, even in the most hectic moments.

For nurses, this means never missing out on time-sensitive tasks, be it administering medication or a scheduled patient check-up.

Personalizing Your Apple Watch Face

The Apple Watch is more than just a piece of tech—it’s an extension of your personality and profession. While the watch comes packed with a plethora of faces, the real magic lies in tailoring them to fit your unique needs.

For nurses, this customization can be the difference between a regular timepiece and a powerful on-wrist assistant.

Accessing Watch Face Customization

Customizing your Apple Watch face is like giving it a personal touch, ensuring it aligns with your daily needs. To start the transformation:

  1. Raise your wrist to wake your Apple Watch.
  2. Press firmly on the current watch face to enter customization mode.
  3. Swipe left or right to choose a face you’d like to personalize.

Adding and Arranging Complications

Complications are the dynamic widgets on your watch face, offering a snapshot of information. For nurses, these can range from heart rate monitors to calendar reminders.

  1. Tap ‘Edit’ after selecting the watch face you want to customize.
  2. Navigate using the Digital Crown to the complication you’d like to change.
  3. Select your preferred complication by turning the Digital Crown, scrolling through the available options.

Expert’s Tip: For nurses, prioritize complications like heart rate, reminders, and calendar events. These ensure you’re always in the loop, even during the busiest shifts.

Saving and Switching Between Watch Faces

Your Apple Watch can store multiple watch faces, each tailored for different scenarios. Maybe one for your shifts, another for workouts, and one for leisure?

  1. Swipe left or right in customization mode to access other watch faces.
  2. Swipe up on a watch face you no longer need to remove it.
  3. Add a new face by swiping right to the end and tapping the ‘+’ icon.

Expert’s Tip: Have a watch face dedicated to your shifts, prioritizing patient reminders and health metrics. Switch to a more relaxed face during off-hours, focusing on personal health goals and relaxation tools.


The Apple Watch is a must-have tool for nurses because it’s stylish and practical. The watch faces can be changed to match the needs of healthcare professionals, making it a helpful tool.

Nurses can personalize their watch faces to make their daily routines easier. This helps them remember important things and keep track of their health.

The Apple Watch shows how technology can fit into nursing, making it more efficient and caring.


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