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Two Indie Jewelry Brands You NEED To Know

Nov 29, 2019

By Amy Sciarretto

Jewelry and accessories demonstrate your personal style. If you like dark, witchy, slightly gothic, and somewhat architectural necklaces and bracelets, there are two indie jewelry brands you need to know about. Los Angeles-based Dalmata crafts the coolest pieces that were expressly designed for layering at incredibly affordable prices. Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, and Halsey are ardent fans and most pieces are under $100. New York City’s JoRocco is another jewelry designer specializing in body armor, chokers that can double as wrap bracelets, and cool AF earrings that look like optical illusions. JoRocco pieces are often featured in fashion editorial spreads. The brand touts itself as “unconventional jewelry for the bold” and yeah, that sounds about right.

Dalmata is all about thick chains, edgy charms, and layers, layers, and more layers. The “Dalmata Drip” is something brand fans and customers have come to know and love. You basically pile on several necklaces at varying lengths, thicknesses, and styles and the Dalmata designs essentially drip from your neck. If you love the look of several necklaces but absolutely hate the frustrating tangle that inevitably happens, here’s a tip. When layering several necklaces — and Dalmata encourages you to wear four or five at a time — it’s crucial to combine chains of different lengths and dimensions to #StopTheKnot.

Courtesy of Dalmata

As someone who owns about 20 pieces from this brand, I am constantly blown away by Dalmata’s ever-evolving assortment, its reasonable prices, and the fact that these designs are DNA distinct. I discovered the brand in 2018 — but once Eilish started sported gobs and gobs of Dalmata around her neck, things took off. Rightfully so.

Courtesy of Dalmata Instagram

Eilish’s look here is an extreme example of the Dalmata Drip. But how freakin’ cool does that pile of necklaces look?

Courtesy of Dalmata Instagram

Here’s another way to pile on Dalmata pieces in an entirely wearable way. The necklaces truly finish your OOTD when worn in this manner. The brand offers customizable charms and pendants, too. Safety pins, skulls, daggers, angels, hearts, gems, and more are available.

Courtesy of JoRocco Instagram

JoRocco is another brand that I adore. Since chokers have come roaring back from the ’90s, albeit with a modern flare, designer Sammy-Jo Rocco put her own special twist on the style. No Beverly Hills, 90210 redux here.

Courtesy of JoRocco

The Brady chokers, which are made of a soft leather, can be repurposed as bracelets. You get more bang for you buck when you can wear a piece as a bracelet one day and a necklace the next. JoRocco has fine jewelry and body armor pieces that are gorgeous and a little pricier. But overall, lots of the brand’s everyday pieces are affordable, geometric, and also layerable.

Why wear one necklace when you can wear six?

Courtesy of JoRocco Instagram

This isn’t a necklace. It’s a statement. It’s also a piece around which you can build an entire outfit.

If you want to shop for yourself on Black Friday or pick up pieces that you just can’t get anywhere else as a meaningful gift for the fashionista in your life, you should shop Dalmata and JoRocco. You’re also supporting indie designers who are crafting artisanal pieces that help you cultivate your personal style.

From now through December 2, Dalmata is offering 25% off all orders, plus a free cotton tote with orders over $100. JoRocco is offering 20% off all jewelry, along with free shipping through December 1 with the “JRFAMILY” code.

There’s no time like a Black Friday sale to up your accessories game.

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