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Tight Foreskin – What is the Treatment

When there is a tight foreskin called phimosis, a person wonders whether he needs to be circumcised. There are many alternatives to full circumcision.

Following Non-surgical Treatments Are an Alternative to Circumcision.

• Children usually grow out of the natural tight foreskin

•         Stretching exercises: It may help in some cases

•         Steroids – topical or local injections: There is medical evidence that steroid cream cures the phimosis

•         Stretching exercises with steroids: Both treatments may be more effective than one only.

•         Vitamin E cream: More medical evidence may require its effectiveness.

 •         Frenuloplasty: Frenuloplasty provides releasing the frenulum which is a simple and effective treatment of dealing painful or torn frenulum

•         Frenular grafting: Free frenular skin grafting an alternative to circumcision in some men with a combination of tight frenulum and phimosis.

•         Preputioplasty: This operation is mainly to widen the ring noticed after retraction of the foreskin beyond the head of the penis

•         Partial circumcision: There is a very limited role of partial circumcision in the tight foreskin.

However, tight foreskin with balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO) is treated with steroids, biopsy and full circumcision. 

In conclusion, alternative treatments (surgery or no surgery) consider before male circumcision who have a tight foreskin. We have discussed a method of treatment and every treatment must be considered individually and carefully


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