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There Is Such A Thing As A Fresh Take On Sweaters!

Dec 18, 2019

By Melissa Rodwell

A cozy sweater – if not a whole collection of them – is an absolute must during the winter season. In spite of this though, or perhaps because of it, specific sweater options may seem somewhat limited in catalogs and store windows. A few styles – like cotton crewnecks or mock turtlenecks – seem to win out time and time again, such that as much of a staple as it is, the winter sweater is also somewhat dull. It doesn’t have to be that way, however, and it just so happens that this winter we’re seeing a lot of brands putting out some bolder, edgier, and more interesting takes on this always-necessary wardrobe piece. 

Fringe Sweaters

For a slightly bohemian, 1970s-inspired look, seek out a fringe sweater or two. Phillip Lim’s fringe wool-blended sweater, in a flattering caramel color, has a particularly unique vibe among the ones we’re seeing this season. It’s a little lighter, but is seemingly designed to provide that perfect mix of conventionally chic and unique. The sweater is best paired with faux leather leggings and some chunky black boots. 

Off-the-Shoulder Faux Fur Trim Sweater

Wearing an off-the-shoulder faux fur trim sweater in a vampy color is an easy way to take the most classic garment in cold-weather fashion and twist it into a femme fatale look. This type of sweater also lends itself to pin-up-inspired looks. Simply tuck the top into a fitted pencil skirt, slip-on patent pointed-toe heels, and put on some cherry red lipstick. And voila – you’re suddenly a Dita Von Teese impersonator.

Turtleneck Poncho

Beginning this past fall, fitted turtlenecks have suddenly been all the rage. The beginning of the new decade, however, calls for something of a looser fit, as is beginning to be reflected in some collections. The boxy cut of the turtleneck poncho from the inclusive brand Woman Within offers a glimpse of the chic and sophisticated quality these garments can offer. This particular brand designs its sweaters to fit women no matter their shape or size, with its flexible range of sizing options, but the turtleneck poncho is also intentionally styled to have more of a flowing, draping look. Dress it up with a dark pant and heels for a night out, or throw it on over leggings and boots for a casual day about town. 

Distressed Sweater

While it may make some millennials feel old, the ’90s are entering vintage territory – though in a wonderful way. You may have seen in a previous Alice Magazine article here that the Prince Estate announced a ’90s-inspired fashion line (or at least one driven by the album 1999, but this is far from the only entity embracing the decade. We’re actually seeing a number of ’90s styles making a comeback – most notably grunge (think Courtney Love, circa 1993). In keeping with this trend, sweaters that have been distressed, even mildly, can make for the beginnings of a very cool ensemble. And if you want to elevate the look, search for an item that has been cropped and completely shredded.

Tiger Print

There’s nothing fiercer than a good animal print. While leopard print has always been timeless, though, you can liven up the trend a little by donning something in a chic tiger stripe pattern instead, and show your wild side when the temperature drops. You won’t find a tiger print just anywhere (and granted, some of the ones you’ll find may be on the tacky side), but ASTR the Label’s tiger stripe v-neck sweater is one that sets the standard for the season’s animal print outerwear. It’s a fairly casual piece, but it’s affordable and makes a very fun, edgy statement. 

Harlequin Sweater

With the upcoming Harley Quinn movie, Birds of Prey, set to be released in February, anything remotely related to the popular DC comic book villain is bound to be wildly popular. This includes Harlequin-pattern clothing. A pastel cardigan in this print, as opposed to in the more traditional saturated color, will be particularly eye-catching. It’s a bold look, naturally, but if you own it (try to portray some of Harley Quinn’s raw confidence), it’s a perfect sweater for a day or night out with friends. 

Knit Crop Top

Wearing a knit crop top may not keep you as warm as some traditional options, but you’ll definitely look cool. To start off the New Year in serious style, consider a mustard-color sculpted knit tank the likes of which you can see from Babaton in its current collection. Throw a vegan leather jacket over it (kept open of course) and wear some straight-legged jeans, and you’ll look like you belong on Hollywood Boulevard.

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