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Through the Looking Glass: Alice on Beauty

Sep 25, 2019

By Melissa Rodwell

Produced and photographed by Ron Beaver in collaboration with Wilhelmina Models NYC

Most of us know by now that Cleopatra is the first known woman to flaunt the now infamous cat eye! Wanting protection from “the evil eye”, women would draw thick lines of green and black using minerals like ore and malachite, around their eyes! Then, in the Middle East, kohl was introduced and women used it around their eyes to protect them from the harsh desert sun! In the 1950’s Max Factor introduced liquid eyeliner and women embraced it with a passion! Remember Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, and Sophia Loren? Yep! So do we! But the “fad” didn’t stop in the ’50’s. Twiggy, Bardot, Madonna and Amy Winehouse are famous for their sexy, unapologetic, “look at me” cat eye! Makeup artist Sasha Safdiah gives us a fresh look at an ancient makeup secret with her cat-eye looks here with Wilhelmina model Gio Ott! Ron Beaver photographs this lovely set of the modern-day, come hither beauty story.

Photography by Ron Beaver @ron_beaver Makeup by Sasha Safdiah @sashasophia Hair by Stefani Annaliese @stefaniannaliese Model Gio Ott @gioott With Wilhelmina Models NYC @wilhelminamodels Makeup Products by SURRATT

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