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Stapler Circumcision

We are the first private clinic in London, UK, to offer circumcision using the innovative CircCurer (Langhe) staples device since 2019. Our urologist is an expert in performing this service and ensures that our patients receive optimal results. This service costs £780, including a consultation and a free follow-up visit. Recovery typically takes 4-8 weeks. If you need support, please contact us.

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What is Stapler Circumcision?

The first private clinic in London, UK, to offer circumcision using the innovative CircCurer (Langhe) staples device since 2019. Circumcision with ZSR or stapler devices under local anaesthesia will take 10 minutes, and

Our urologist is pleased to provide this service. Dr Khan and our urologist have received specialized training in using the CircCurer (Langhe) staples device, ensuring optimal patient results.

Benefits of Circumcision With CircCurer Stapler

Circumcision using the CircCurer stapler is quick, offering several advantages over traditional stitching methods. Patients who undergo stapler circumcision experience shorter surgical times, higher satisfaction with the aesthetic appearance of the penis, reduced operative pain, minimal blood loss during surgery, and decreased post-operative wound bleeding.

However, it is essential to note that wound healing may take longer than traditional circumcision methods in adults, and some patients may be required to return to remove the staplers.

Anesthesia and Pain Relief

During the circumcision procedure, a local anaesthetic is administered at the base and shaft of the penis.

This ensures safe and effective pain relief during the surgery and minimises post-operative pain for several hours.

Cost and Informed Consent

The cost of adult circumcision using the CircCurer stapler device is £780, which includes a consultation on the same day and one free follow-up visit.

Before the procedure, the doctor ensures that patients receive comprehensive information about stapler circumcision, allowing them to provide informed consent. It is essential to understand that stapler circumcision is an irreversible procedure, permanently exposing the head of the penis.

Full or Partial Circumcision

Full circumcision involves the moderate removal of both the inner and outer foreskin, fully exposing the head of the penis. Partial circumcision, on the other hand, leaves some loose skin covering the glans. It is important to note that partial circumcision may not be suitable for all adults, and long-term complications can be associated with this method.

A urologist can provide further guidance and address any concerns regarding circumcision options at the Adult Circumcision Clinic in London, UK.

Stapler Circumcision Technique

The circumcision procedure for adults and boys over 16 years old involves the following steps:

  1. Administer local anaesthesia and retract the foreskin to assess suitability.
  2. If there is scarring due to BXO (Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans), stapler circumcision may not be advisable.
  3. Place the bell of the stapling instrument inside the foreskin.
  4. Ensure proper positioning of the stapling device.
  5. Cut the skin and apply the staples simultaneously.
  6. Apply a bandage around the wound to conclude the circumcision.

The Disadvantage of CircCurer Circumcision

The main drawback is using suture staples, which are placed to hold the wound after circumcision. We expect most to fall off after 4-6 weeks during the healing process. However, A few staplers would not come off and need removal to avoid burying in the skin.

Recovery and Healing Tips for Stapler Circumcision

  1. Recovery from circumcision using the CircCurer stapler is generally longer than glue circumcision. It is important to avoid swimming and heavy weight lifting for 2-3 weeks following the procedure. Full recovery usually takes 4-6 weeks. Some individuals may experience oversensitivity of the glans, which can resolve over a few months.
  2. To optimise the success of prompt staple removal, we advise all patients to actively push them off or pull them out after 10-14 days (use tweezers or cotton buds). Use Fucidin cream over the stapler’s wound to prevent the infection.
  3. You can apply the antiseptic solution (Savlon) with cotton swabs up to 4 times daily to clean the wound.
  4. To minimise the impact of night erections on the staplers during the initial days after circumcision, emptying your bladder before bedtime and a few times during the night is recommended. Sleeping on your side or back and drawing your knees into a fetal position can also help.
  5. Wearing tight underwear after the circumcision can prevent unnecessary movement. Following the aftercare advice and keeping the wound dry for five days is crucial.
  6. Regular ten-day vitamin C intake can promote healing, while vitamin E cream, Mederma gel, or bio-oil can be applied to the scar after 15 days once the staplers have been removed. For further advice and support, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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