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Skin Bridge and Preputial Adhesion After Circumcision

A penile skin bridge can occur in circumcised males after their childhood period. These bridges cause pain or discomfort and may require correction.

A penile skin bridge requires operative correction as it is a thick skin attachment from the shaft skin of the penis to the head of the penis (glans).  It causes pain and discomfort during Erection due to tethering of skin.  . These will not be resolved on their own and is actually more uncomfortable and bending of the penis with penile growth

What is a penile Skin Bridge?

When the incision heals improperly to the gland in a circumcised male, the shaft skin becomes permanently attached to the glans. The. penile skin bridge develops. 

Penile skin bridge can occur in childhood right after the infant circumcision. But adult may not realise it until he is sexually active and feels a pulling the head of the penis when he has sexual activities and erection. 

Operation for a Penile Skin Bridge 

  • A urologist usually carries out the procedure under a local anaesthetic.
  • Local anaesthetic nerve blocks also provide post-operative pain relief
  • He divides the skin on the top of the head of the penis and both skin edges.
  • He uses dissolvable stitches throughout which usually disappear within two to three weeks.
  • He applies and seals the wound with glue which sloughs off within 10 days.
  • we normally wrap the penis in a loose bandage which you can remove after 1-2 days.
  • Some patients may require a circumcision revision if the patient has more scarring with multiples skin bridges.
  • The underlying colour of the skin may different colour than the rest of the skin of the shaft and head of the penis.

What Can I Expect When I Get Home?

• You will get some swelling and bruising of the penis which may last several days

• All your stitches will disappear, usually within two to three weeks, but may sometimes take a little longer

• Simple painkillers such as paracetamol or Ibuprofen are helpful if you have any discomfort

• Any dressing should fall off within 24 hours; if it does not, or if it becomes soaked with urine, it should be removed

• Keep the area dry for 48 hours; avoid soaking in a bath

• You should not swim or any exercise for two weeks

• Try to keep your wound clean and dry after passing urine

• Apply a little Vaseline to the tip of your penis and around the stitch line to stop it from sticking to your clothing

• Wear tight-fitting clothing for two to three days

• You should retract your foreskin on a daily basis to maintain the benefits of the surgery after 3 days 

• You will be given a copy of the letter which should be given to your GP

• Any antibiotics or other cream, you need to get from any pharmacy

• You should refrain from sexual activity (intercourse and masturbation) for up to four to six weeks 

If you notice any re-attachment happening, please contact us for an assessment

What Are the Risks, Consequences and Final Outcome?

Most operations are straightforward; however, as with any surgical procedure, there is some chance of side-effects or complications such as:

Bruising and swelling generally happen. Significant swelling of the bridge incision will develop during the first few days. This swelling may last for 2-3 weeks or longer.  bleeding from the wound site (occurs in 2 – 3% of patients) but is usually minimal and settles quickly. Infection can arise and is usually minor but can be possibly serious with an incidence of less common.  Tenderness of the scar at the wound. Dissatisfied with the cosmetic result. Failure to improve your symptoms may result in the need for full revision circumcision. 

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