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Revision or redo Circumcision for Adults

“I underwent a revision circumcision by Mr Khan on the 9th of April for a circumcision I had elsewhere 20 years ago. The care I received was excellent. He explained clearly what we could achieve and listened to my concerns. Both Mr Khan and the lovely nurse were reassuring me during the procedure which was uneventful. I didn’t feel any pain (apart from a small sting during the injection of local anaesthetic) and the end result was so neat. The use of glue sealed the wound nicely and I would recommend this to everyone rather than stitches. I didn’t feel any pain afterwards apart from a mild discomfort the first night. I didn’t even need to use any pain killers. I highly recommend Mr Khan”.

Adult patient comments 

Please discuss free telephone consultation with Dr Khan for redo, revision or tidy up circumcision or re-circumcision at London Circumcision Centre

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