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Circumcision Cost in UK

We believe in transparent pricing for our circumcision services. While cost is an important factor, we also want you to feel confident in the expertise, safe procedures, and personalized care you or your child will receive.

See our clear breakdown of circumcision costs below.

Newborn and Children

Age Method Price
Newborn to 6 months Circumplast Ring Method £250
6 to 12 monthsCircumplast Ring Method £280
1 to 2 yearsCircumplast Ring Method £350
2 to 4 yearsCircumplast Ring Method £650
5 to 7 yearsTraditional Method£380
8 to 12 yearsTraditional Method£430
13 to 15 yearsTraditional Method£530
16 to 17 years Traditional Method£580


ServiceType/Method Price
Circumcision With Glue
Modern Glue
Modern Glue and Stitches
PreputioplastyY-V Plasty or Dorsal Slit
Circumcision with Staplers
CircCurer or ZSR
Revision Circumcision
Modern Glue£980
Penoscrotal Web Repair
Modern Glue£1350
BiopsyForeskin to Laboratory
Penile Skin Bridge Excision
Previous circumcision scaring
New Consultation
Face to Face£250
Video / Follow-up Consultation
Remote Virtual

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