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Feedback from patient with preputioplasty after tight foreskin (phimosis)

8th June 2018

Written by a patient at Leyton Healthcare 4th Floor, London Circumcision Clinic, London 

“My preputioplasty surgery went really well! Dr Khan was very reassuring and informative of the procedure. It was a quick and painless surgery, I was nervous but Dr Khan and his assistant kept me calm and comfortable throughout.  Being able to contact Dr Khan after the surgery was extremely helpful when it came to any concerns with swelling etc.  I would highly recommend anybody suffering from a tight foreskin to get in contact with Dr Khan. My results are amazing, I am really happy that I can now fully retract my foreskin without any pain! Wish I had done this sooner! “

Adult patient.  https://www.iwantgreatcare.org/doctors/mr-a-r-khan

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