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A Study on Preputial and Penile Scrotal Abnormalities in Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Clients in Soweto, South Africa

The high prevalence of preputial and penile scrotal abnormalities observed suggests a need for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision sites to provide for both open surgical and devices methods in the provision of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision services. This is especially so among young male subjects presenting themselves for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision services at the various sites being developed in sub Saharan African countries.

Reported recently during the review, 6861 circumcisions were conducted and 37.1% (n = 2543) were 8–13 year olds. Median age was 15 years (IQR: 12–23 years). Fifteen percent (n = 1030) had preputial abnormalities or major penile scrotal abnormalities. 

Source: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/jour

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