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Powder Shampoo Is A Thing Now

Nov 23, 2019

By Amy Sciarretto

Powder shampoo is a thing and OWA Moondust Collection: Hair Wash is a killer innovation in the hair care realm. I know, you have questions. So did I. Powder shampoo is not akin to dry shampoo, which is a bit of a misnomer since the product doesn’t actually clean hair. Rather, dry shampoo acts like a styling tool that refreshes hair in between washes by soaking up icky grease and oil. It’s also an excellent time saver that makes strands look and smell better until your next traditional wash. So, what, exactly is powder shampoo and where does it fit into your hair care routine and regimen? How does it… work? Do you shake it onto your hands, then rake it through strands to pump up the volume between washes?

Nope. Not. Even. Close.

Powder shampoo is waterless but water-activated. What is this sorcery, you wonder? Well, you basically sprinkle a small amount of the product —no more than a quarter — in zig zag formation in your palm while in the bath or shower. Then, add a couple drops of water, rub your hands together, and proceed to scrub up your scalp. OWA Moondust Collection: Hair Wash produces the richest and most luxurious lather, all the while providing a deep clean. So you’ll enjoy shiny, soft strands after you heat style.

Courtesy of OWA

It sounds like regular ol’ liquid shampoo with an extra step. So why should you fuck with powder shampoo? Oh, there are plenty of valid reasons to go with a magic potion such as this.

First off, it’s fragrance-free and gentle — there are none of those pesky sulfates and parabens, which are no bueno. It’s also eco-conscious since a single bottle of OWA Hair Wash is equal to three-and-a-half bottles of old school, 8 oz.l liquid shampoo. Less waste and less packaging is always a good thing for the earth.

Courtesy of OWA

Also, conventional shampoo is approximately 80% water. So, yeah, you’re basically paying for water with some cleaning agents, fragrances and other synthetics. OWA Moondust Collection: Hair Wash, however, is 0% water until you add some H2O to activate it.

Another quiet benefit of powder shampoo is its travel-friendliness. You can tuck it in your carry-on and never have to worry about sticky, messy spills or not meeting TSA standards

Courtesy of OWA

The brand is currently developing a powder conditioner and is pretty much going to change how you wash your hair. Me? I wash my locks every single day, a fact that always elicits a raised eyebrow. Most of my friends can go five (!!!) days to a week without needing to wash. But my locks are super oily, which is great for shine but not so much for skipping washes. I can’t go a day without a wash since my scalp feels so cakey and itchy, and I legit ook like it’s been a year since I cleansed my coif. Since I wash and blow dry on the daily, it’s been so fun to experiment with OWA as I am always down to try new formulations and fragrances. Ultimately, the powder shampoo technique not only broke up my morning routine but my hair is glossy AF.

Powder shampoo has rightfully earned a spot on my shower shelf.

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