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Planning My World Tour

Apr 16, 2020

By Alexandra Lili Guarino

One of the biggest parts of some students’ college careers is their four months spent abroad. I am planning on traveling to Florence, Italy for the spring semester. Although I am very concerned about the semester being canceled, I am trying to think positive and hope for the best. 

This may be the only time in my life that I will be able to travel to Europe for four months with basically no responsibilities. It’s like I have an all-expense-paid ticket around the world. I am planning on traveling to different countries every weekend and truly live like a European.    

Now that I have all of this free time, I have started to create my travel abroad bucket list. This list is nowhere near done, but it’s a good start.  

Photo by: Ming Jun Tan

The first place on my list is London: I have traveled to London before, there are many hidden treasures in this city. One visit doesn’t do it justice.  

1. Afternoon tea at Sketch 

 Photo By: POPSUGAR Photography / Tara Block

2. Explore the Camden Market

3. Go to a picturesque cafe in Notting Hill

4. Eat dinner at La Bodega Negra

Photo by: Etienne Bosiger

We’re off to Interlaken: Switzerland is a big fan favorite. Students rave about the uniqueness and beauty of this city. 

1. Make my own chocolate at the famous Funky Chocolate Club

2. Go paragliding over the Jungfrau Mountain

Photo by: Will Truettner

3. Cruise through Lake Thun and Lake Brienz

Photo by: Keszthelyi Timi

Budapest is next: This city is not the most common place to travel, but I have wanted to go for years. I am a pretty big history nerd, this city is where the old meets the new, where Eastern Europe meets Western Europe. 

1. Relax in the Szechenyi Thermal Baths

Photo by: Victor Malyushev

2. Visit the Shoes on the Danube Bank- this is a memorial to the people who were killed by the fascists during World War II 

Photo by: Mandy Henry

3. Spend the afternoon at Margaret Island

Photo by: Paul Gaudriault

Lastly, we’re going to the city of love; Paris: Paris holds a special place in my heart, I cannot begin to explain my love for this city. I have been dying to go back since the day I left. 

1. Drink hot chocolate at Angelina Paris. 

2. Eat at Le Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower- this is definitely not in my college student budget but a girl can dream! 

3. Live like royalty in the Gardens of Versailles 

Photo by: Linda Knicely

4. Visit Musée Yves Saint Laurent 

5. Sip champagne on a river cruise around the Seine

Photo by: Gautier Salles

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