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Parents’ Story – Child Circumcision

I recently had my 11 month old son circumcised by Mr Khan at Leyton Clinic. My immense research revealed that because of his background as Paediatric Surgeon/Urologist and vast experience, I could not find more suitable doctor than Mr Khan. I am a medical doctor myself and safety and minimisation of complications/risks was my top priority and paramount. It is understandably an anxious and tense time for parents and my wife and I were no exception. I had several medical based conversations with Mr Khan prior to and after procedure and he always replied swiftly and addressed instantly concerns of mine. Circumcision went well and quickly and the circumplast fell off on 10th day. We are very delighted with results of our son’s circumcision. Throughout this journey, he made us feel comfortable and reassured. I found his advices to be sincere and effective. He is very professional, accessible, reliable and competent. Mr Khan was always available on the other end of phone and he is very considerate and accommodating.

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