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New Music Friday Chapter 25

Aug 14, 2020


Walt Disco are a band who defy all convention to create a world of their own, truly like no other. Their fearless, unique pop songs are created without constraint, with a message of self expression at the very core of everything they do.

Mirroring that sentiment perfectly, the aquatic-themed video for “Hey Boy (You’re One Of Us)” was shot by the band with the help of their Glasgow flatmates earlier this year in Troon, on the West coast of Scotland.

On the video, singer James Power explained: “The video’s very loose concept was that I was sort of a mermaid/sea-dweller who was toying with the idea of becoming a land creature, using this to relate exploring gender within myself. The main goal of the video was to make something fun that was also sexy and could again include the members of the band who weren’t isolating together. For two separate days, I froze my nipples off at the beach in Troon and none of it would have been possible without the help of our lovely flatmates Ally Scott of Lucia and The Best Boys and Anna Acquroff of Medicine Cabinet. As with the Cut Your Hair video, our shaky iPhone footage was masterfully pieced together by Bryan M Ferguson.”

Led by their charismatic singer James Power, the 6 piece is completed by keys player Dave Morgan, bassist Finlay McCarthy, guitarists Lewis Carmichael and Charlie Lock, and drummer Jack Martin.

Influenced just as much by 80’s New Wave acts such as Talking Heads and The Associates, as they are by the queer modern art-pop sensibilities of St Vincent, Charli XCX and even Ru Paul – Walt Disco’s firm grasp of both their historical and modern influences allow them to move forward as a band for the future.


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Elvis Perkins has shared a new taste of his upcoming album Creation Mythsby way of a timeless and sweeping new single “See Through.” Of the track he notes, “See Through is something of a ghost song, or a ghosting-right-before-the-eyes song. And perhaps also something of a muted paean to the ameliorative quality of music, as herein we have two conflicted people in a shared space happily enough disappearing down the forking paths of their respective headphones. To me one of the best moments of the whole Sam Cohen-produced LP is the sonic vanishing act he pulls off in the final seconds of this track.”

Creation Myths will be released on October 2 via MIR/Petaluma Records. Elvis has previously shared “Half Life” and American Songwriter said, “the single boasts country twang and a longing for love, united with pristine clarity from Perkins vocals. The emotive storytelling in the lyrics suggest Perkins’ intimate ties to the song, while taking a hard look into hidden perspectives from the human mind based on unifying experiences.” Previous to that he shared the album’s closer “Anonymous” which landed onNPR’s “New Music Friday” playlist and Uproxx’s “Best New Music This Week” list where they labeled it both “epic” and “swooning.” 
Creation Myths was produced by Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Guster, Benjamin Booke)and marks the first album Perkins has released since his soundtrack to the 2017’s The Blackcoat’s Daughter, a film directed by his brother, Osgood. The forthcoming LP makes subtle nods to Americana and spooky, blissed-out folk, but never lights for too long on any one spot. If there is a lyrical or thematic through-line to Creation Myths, it might simply be a longing for connection, be it romantic or spiritual. He notes, “Sometimes you do the best things when you don’t know what you’re doing yet. I called this record Creation Mythsbecause, in a way, I really don’t know how these songs came into being. So they are the explanation of themselves.”



NYC’s electronica/pop duo, Tempers return with hypnotizing new single, “The Use of MyBelonging” which was recorded in their bedrooms across Manhattan during quarantine and the rise of the Black Lives Matter protests. “Watching inequalities intensify to unethical extremes, as systems of power swerve into nightmarish realms of greed, brutality and oppression inspired the song,” explain Tempers’ Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper. “The song is about the hope that love will prevail in an era of post-truth, that the return to love is somehow natural and inevitable.”

Throughout the years Tempers have carved out their own niche within indie, electronica and synth-pop circles. Their sound is about exploring tonal and emotional tension as much as it is about actual tracks or singular moments. Adrenalizing and spellbounding landscapes layer mechanical and sensual impulses, as Golestaneh’s crystalline vocals weave fever dreams of yearning and alienation.  
Informed by both Golestaneh’s involvement in musical performance and visual art and Cooper’s electronic production resume, as well as their time in the States and abroad, Tempers operate as a multi-disciplined entity in the spirit and ethos of Factory Records. The two describe their creative process as a telepathic kinship they’ve developed since they started making music together: “We have these sort of unspoken criteria when we’re writing music. We never really need to explain what that is but we both know when it’s missing or when we’ve hit it.” 
The Use of My Belonging” is available today via Dais Records. 2020 brings more new music from Tempers – stay tuned.



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