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New Music Friday Chapter 23

Jul 31, 2020


Recently Released by TRISHES, ‘Gaslight’ takes on a more vulnerable tone than usually seen from the artist.

Based on the psychological phenomenon named after the 1944 movie, Gaslight is an emotionally raw ballad that I wrote in Los Angeles hungover the day after I watched someone I loved at a party with someone else. It was recorded with UK producer and bassist Andy Lewis in a small town a few hours outside of London where we used a cello, squeaky doors, and one take of lead vocals to create something that I think accurately captures this type of heartache, shame and confusion.
The music video was shot by me and 4 dancers, all separately in our own homes, during the quarantine. It pays homage to the original film in which a man convinces his wife she is crazy by moving objects around their home, and telling her that the lights aren’t flickering when they are. 
Eventually, the woman locks herself in her house thinking she is a danger to herself and others. The isolation takes a toll on her psyche, which the dancers and I related to and channeled into the video, as we were 2 months into “safer at home” measures.

Gaslight is about one of the most painful and pivotal nights in my life; an experience that shook my sense of self. My music is normally about ideas, politics, and psychology, so creating something so vulnerable was difficult, but also important. Oddly enough, something about that night and that person helped me to become who I am, and the song itself took me on adventures and collaborations that I really treasure.” – TRISHES


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Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos and acclaimed French chanteuse Clara Luciani have teamed up to cover Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood’s “Summer Wine.”
Sung in English and French, it was recorded and mixed between Alex’s studio in Scotland and Philippe Zdar’s Motorbass Studio in Paris. The track is accompanied by a charming video directed by Ryder The Eagle.

“Back in October, Clara asked me to join her on stage at the Olympia in Paris, where we first sang ‘Summer Wine’ together. We are both big fans of Lee and Nancy, and enjoyed the interaction that the song allows you. Clara translated the chorus into French, and the performance is bilingual, which really suits the song.”
“When the lockdown started, we decided to record it – more for ourselves than anything else. We wanted to create the atmosphere of an imaginary world away from the confinement we were experiencing. Not that we were unhappy, but the imagination is the greatest medium for escape and adventure. It was recorded at my place in Scotland and mixed by our friends Antoine and Pierre at Motorbass studio in Paris. When we played it to our labels they suggested we release it, so here it is.”
“I loved performing with Clara – she has such a naturally beautiful voice and a fresh perspective. After the lockdown eased off, we got together to film the video with our friends Adrien, Leo, Fiona and Hugo. I love the ideas they had, which suit the mood of the song and reflect our… well, our love of karaoke!”



Rising artist Oliver Malcolm takes a trip back to his home country to shoot a new music video, “The Machine.” Continuing his love for the DIY approach, Oliver shot the video first-person style with friends and features his high energy personality and eclectic creative voice.

The track first premiered on BBC Radio 1’s Indie Show with Jack Saunders, who delved deep into the meaning behind the track. Oliver tells the radio host that the lyrics revolt against the social institutions that prioritize material and financial gain above all else, transforming their subjects into simple cogs in “The Machine.” The song was a playlisting favorite when it was released earlier this month including being featured on the cover of Amazon Music’s “Breaking Alternative” playlist.



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