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New Music Friday Chapter 15

Jun 5, 2020

By Bella Carles

Los Angeles-based eclectic rock duo more, comprised of songwriters, vocalists, and multi-instrumentalists Kane Ritchotte and Malcolm McRae, have signed with Warner Records. To celebrate, tracks “Settled In” and “God’s In The Details” are available now on all DSP’s. Both songs are accompanied by videos directed by indie filmmaker Justin Daashuur Hopkins and filmed in Los Angeles.  

More’s debut EPtitled 1/2, will be released on June 26th and will be comprised of five tracks produced by the legendary Tony Berg.

The preternaturally talented and synchronized pair paints the modern rock ‘n’ roll canvas with a powerful, melodic guitar sound mixed with wry intelligence and a tinge of psychedelic flair. Steeped in inspiration from legendary alt-pop forebears like John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Jeff Lynne, and sunbaked in adventurous yet calculated art behemoths as disparate as Can, Bowie, Big Star, Gorillaz, Kendrick Lamar, The Kinks, Tame Impala and so much, well, more.  

Ritchotte, a well-known session drummer, musician and gifted songwriter/vocalist, has played with Portugal The Man and Grouplove. McRae, an architecture school dropout and new to the LA scene from his native city of Birmingham, AL was on a quest to expand his music talents as a singer/songwriter with an incredibly charismatic voice and a profound musical knowledge.

Ritchotte and McRae first met through mutual acquaintances, recognizing an immediate kinship they decided to form a band which would focus on the methods of songwriting and craftsmanship that were perhaps more popular with their analog heroes of earlier eras. They set out to make records that would sound like no other and craft progressive music. To that end, more is resolved to set a bold new standard for modern rock ‘n’ roll by offering a fresh, urgent take on a familiar vibe and sound. Berg, already familiar with Ritchotte, took notice of the songs the duo had written and a bond was formed and more began to take shape. Together they shared an approach to their own material with an intense attention to every element along the way, from recording and composition to lyrics and arrangement and beyond.

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Folk bluesy singer-songwriter Cat Clyde is thrilled to release the second song,“All That Black,” that is off her new acoustic album Good Bones, to be released on June 19th via Cinematic Music Group. Good Bones is comprised of songs from her critically-acclaimed albums, Ivory Castanets and Hunters Trance.

Cat says, “This song was one of the first songs that I liked that I had written. I was about 17, I think. I really love the album version of this song, but I am really grateful to have the original guitar and vocal version that is the song in its truest form.”

When fans pre-order the album, they will receive the insta grat track of the first singles, “Mama Said” and “All the Black” – her online store also features bundle options that include a poetry book and/or vinyl.

Good Bones Pre-orders available at https://catclyde.ffm.to/goodbones

Poetry was always something Cat did on and off in her daily life. As she was crafting the LP, she felt like it was time to put herself out there more to her fans through her poetry.

Cat Clyde continues the classic sounds of yesteryear. With influences ranging from Etta James to Karen Dalton to Lead Belly; hers is a mix that goes down smoother than a neat glass of mellow Kentucky bourbon. No longer do you need to reach for your trusty sifting pan and river boots to find gold. You just need to know one name.

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Today, The Flaming Lips release a brand new track “Flowers of Neptune 6,” their first new recording of 2020. Produced by Dave Fridmann and The Flaming Lips, “Flowers of Neptune 6” reflects the gentler side of The Lips paisley oeuvre and melodically flows downstream into a welcoming wormhole of wistful summer pop. The track is accompanied by a video filmed in their home state of Oklahoma and directed by Wayne Coyne and George Salisbury.

Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips explains the new track: “‘Flowers Of Neptune 6’ track started off as a very evocative series of melodies that Steven Drozd had woven together. The first time he played it for me I was stunned by its emotional flow. The 3 sections (well they seem like sections to me) seemed to hint at an older, mature mind reflecting back into a journey from younger innocence then starting to learn and understand and keeps going into the panic of becoming one with the world. The opening lyric ‘Yellow sun is going down so slow…Doing acid and watching the light-bugs glow like tiny spaceships in a row…’ is the coolest thing I’ll ever know…and is a combination of blissful, innocent, psychedelic experiences that Steven and Kacey Musgraves (she sings harmony with me on the track) and myself all discussed.”

Photo by George Salisbury

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