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New Music Friday Chapter 19

Jul 3, 2020

By Bella Carles

Multi-talented artist, percussionist, producer, and activist MADAME GANDHI today releases her newest video for Visions track “Waiting For Me”.  Directed by Misha Ghose, “Waiting For Me” was conceptualized and produced by an all-female team and features queer, trans, female, and gender non-conforming cast members and marks Madame Gandhi’s first-ever video shot in India.  With its contrasting industrial imagery and color palettes, the visual brings to life the song’s empowering message, an eco-feminist call to action that eschews institutionalized power structures in favor of forging new narratives of self-expression.  Of the video, Madame Gandhi explains:  

“We as artists have the power to use our art to vividly reimagine the world we wished we lived in. ‘Waiting For Me’ is a song about questioning societal norms as they exist.  The video opens with the quote, ‘We always assume our own powerlessness, but never our own power.’ With the interconnected social justice movements happening around the world, we are seeing a larger belief in the power of the collective for change. This music video is a call to action for each of us to examine how hierarchy, capitalism and systemic oppression serve to keep us obedient, with little space for dialogue or critical thinking. My hope is that this video inspires folks to ask, ‘Are my behaviors contributing to the oppression of somebody else? And what contributes to my own oppression? What does my version of freedom look and feel like?’” 

The video for “Waiting For Me” launches the next chapter in Madame Gandhi’s already critically-acclaimed career, as she announces her signing with Sony Music Masterworks.  With an imitable pairing of complex percussive rhythms and empowering messages of liberation, Madame Gandhi is known for her passionately uplifting body of musical work that continues to elevate the female voice and redefine notions of gender, identity and politics.  Having released her first two EPs as part of an overarching short-form album trilogy, most recently 2019’s Visions, Madame Gandhi begins her new partnership with Sony Music Masterworks ahead of the third and final installment in the series.   



Kiran Gandhi, who performs as Madame Gandhi, is an artist and activist whose mission is to elevate and celebrate gender liberation. She has toured as the drummer for M.I.A, Thievery Corporation, and most recently Oprah on her 2020 Vision Stadium Tour. Gandhi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Gender Studies from Georgetown and an MBA from Harvard. In 2015, she ran the London Marathon bleeding freely to combat period stigma around the world, sparking a global viral conversation about how we treat menstruation in various cultures. She has been listed as a Forbes 30 Under 30 member and is a 2020 TED Fellow. Her mathy percussion, uplifting music, and inspiring talks have been critically acclaimed by The New York Times, Billboard, NPR, and more. Her song “The Future is Female” reached #8 on the Spotify Viral US Charts following the 2017 Women’s March. She has released two short-form albums, Voices (2016) and Visions (2019), accompanied by a series of music videos produced and concepted by women and gender non-conforming creatives. Gandhi is currently working on her third short-form album Vibrations.

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CRICKETS have announced that their self-titled debut album will be released on July 17th via Muddguts Records. In advance, they have shared “Elastic” from the album which is out today. Minimal and transfixing, “Elastic” deals with overcoming toxic masculinity and finding real power in healing. The group is donating proceeds from the single to INCITE! and the Okra Project.

CRICKETS is JD Samson (Le Tigre, MEN), Michael O’Neill (MEN, Princess) and Roddy Bottum (Faith No More, Imperial Teen, Nastie Band). The band’s sound is an exploration of minimalism, a celebration of restraint, a rant of queer prose set to a backdrop barrage of guitar, synthesizer and drum machine. Sounding like the collision of ESG, Suicide, and The Flying Lizards—or the distant, basement-funk cousin to Fever Ray—CRICKETS is gloriously and purposefully minimal.

Buy/ Stream “Elastic”: https://muddguts.ffm.to/elastic


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Fear of Men release their first song in 4 years, “Into Strangeness,” a sub-3 minute salvo tightly wound with post-punk energy that recalls the likes of Section 25 and AR Kane. Expanding their instrumental palette, the song opens up with disorientating atonal saxophone, inspired by the opening credits of 70’s neorealist film Fear Eats the Soul, before Jessica Weiss’ vocals paint an ominous picture of tension, possession, and affliction.

“It’s been a strange and extremely charged 4 years since we last released music. It’s been overwhelming and painful, hopefully leading to tangible positive change,” said Weiss. “In contrast, this time has personally brought a lot of healing, shutting the door finally on elements that have been toxic and draining in my life for too long. This song is an assertion of a voice, a cry of independence. As the lyrics state, I ‘spent a few years in tears, but now I’m steel’. It’s a song about the role of words in constructing the self. We create ourselves like books, and I’m ready to tell a different story.”

Produced by guitarist Daniel Falvey, the song’s title “Into Strangeness” is influenced by quantum theory, evoking a place where things fall away and decay, leaving only the essential, but also feels apt for where we now find ourselves. Though written before the onset of COVID-19, the pandemic has affected the band’s ability to get in the studio and finish the album they are currently working on and they were keen to share a preview of what they’ve been creating.

The video, made by the band during lockdown and filmed on phones, is inspired by 16th Century British witchcraft, uncanny dreamscapes, and feminine power.

The band is donating their first week of sales via Bandcamp to The Audre Lorde Project, supporting LGBTQ+ POC in the New York area.

Photo By Mikael Johansson

Brighton, U.K. band Fear of Men began in early 2011 as an extension of work Jessica Weiss was making for her art degree. Weiss had been making ambient soundtrack recordings for her short films and met guitarist Daniel Falvey when he came to the exhibition of these films. The two art students started working toward a more pop sound in bedroom recordings and eventually made a series of lo-fi demos with friends before releasing these on various DIY labels. The band has since then recorded two albums, 2014’s Loom and 2016’s Fall Forever to acclaim from NPR, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Stereogum, and others. They have embarked on several extensive headline tours in North America, the UK, and Europe, and have also toured with artists such as Mitski, Japanese Breakfast, and Lower Dens. In 2018 they were invited by The Cure’s Robert Smith to play his curated Meltdown Festival at The Southbank, London. They are currently working on their next full-length record.

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