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New Music Friday Chapter 37

Nov 9, 2020


Baby Queen has dropped a new single “Want Me” – via Polydor Records. The track is taken from the rising anti-pop star’s keenly-anticipated Medicine EP, which will be released on November 13. The follow-up to “Pretty Girl Lie,” “Want Me” is a surging indie-pop anthem and yet more thrilling evidence of why Baby Queen, aka South African-raised, London-living creative tour-de-force Bella Latham, is being tipped for superstardom.

Speaking about “Want Me,” Bella said: “I wrote ‘Want Me’ about an actor in one of my favorite television shows, which is kind of strange. I remember watching it and just thinking ‘here we go.’ I hadn’t fancied somebody for about 2 years and I definitely don’t have the time for any sort of romantic relationship in my life right now, so it kind of suited me to have a stranger as the object of my affection. It became clear to me that I had to capitalize on the feeling and blow it out of proportion in my own mind, which is what this song does in a way, but there’s a part of me that defaults into a state of self-reflection and self-criticism as soon I fancy somebody. This song is about a childlike crush and an unrequited love. It’s also about my insecurities that seem to be exacerbated by those feelings. This song feels very adolescent to me, and it feels more like a conversation with myself. I love that the lyrics come across as a stream of consciousness. It’s a bit of a sonic tantrum really, especially towards the end when it starts to explode, I think it’s probably the closest thing we’ll get to a Baby Queen love song anytime soon.”



Psychedelic Porn Crumpets deliver a set of brilliantly warped visuals to match their latest single, “Tally-Ho”. Taken from their forthcoming studio album, SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound, “Tally-Ho” proves a massive and successful return from the West Australian psych heroes. 
In a year where they’ve been kept from their usual hectic tour schedule, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets have instead been pouring their efforts into the preparation of their next chapter and with the release of “Tally-Ho”, the band is reminding fans that they’re ready and raring to go.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets’ Jack McEwan adds, “If you like Wallace & Gromit, Star Wars and big bulbs of meth then boy we’ve got a treat for you! This video is the exemplar of Porn Crumpets’ existence. The attention to detail is absurd, the whole animation is teeming with extravagant effects, ridiculously well crafted props and sets with highly imaginative character designs. I’ve always loved music which features those extra intricacies, it lets the listener realise you’re aware of what you’re crafting and when you’re in tune together that’s where the fun begins. We’re in his world now and he’ll take us where he wants. Pretty sure Pixar will be knocking on his door soon (If people still knock on doors). This is the second installment of a trilogy of music videos with Ollie. In my opinion this is the best collaboration we’ve ever scaled, piss ya pants good.” 



Directed by Gina Gizella Manning, the video is a raw and intimate accompaniment to the dark-pop track that finds Miller spilling her opinions about the Trump administration and her personal life as she sings:
How am I supposed to work on myself / When there are Nazis in a big White House / Seems ridiculous to live in hell /But I guess that’s what we’re doing now / Maybe I should see a therapist but the apocalypse is probably gonna take us out” 
Miller battles her own anger about the political tumult while still trying to make the world a better place, ultimately resigning herself to the fact that maybe it doesn’t matter because widespread disaster feels imminent and unstoppable.

Next month, Bea will take the stage on December 12 for a special livestream performance presented by NoCap. Tickets are currently on sale and available for purchase here
The livestream performance is the follow up to her recent return to the stage earlier this month for Save Our Stages, #SOSFest, the three day virtual festival from YouTube Music and the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) to help save independent venues across the U.S. Bea’s dynamic and eclectic set included the debut live performance of “wisdom teeth” as well as “feel something,” “FEELS LIKE HOME” and more. 



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