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New Music Friday Chapter 36

Oct 30, 2020


Norwegian artist and producer Lokoy (aka Lasse Lokøy) is today announcing his debut album Badminton, out January 22nd. Alongside today’s album announcement, Lokoy is also sharing a new single “both eyes” with fellow Norwegian Safario, alongside an accompanying video shot on a tiny propeller aeroplane.

Debut album Badminton, at its core, is a dizzying no-holds-barred exploration of pop. With Lokoy’s futuristic, charming production the constant throughout, across the 15 tracks he brings in the help of a host of rising Norwegian talent, including the aforementioned Safario on new single “both eyes”.

Perfectly exemplifying Lokoy’s experimental songwriting and production, and putting Safario’s raw talent on full display, “both eyes” was written, recorded and mixed in just 8 hours in Lokoy’s home studio. Determined to make a “banger” one day prior to the album delivery deadline, the resulting track is a feisty 2-minute attack on the senses sitting somewhere between Blur and Beastie Boys.

Speaking on how the collaboration with Safario came together, along with its lyrical meaning, Lasse said: “We met at my studio on a Sunday (20th September, to be exact). We were supposed to finish an old song, but then Kacper said “we’re making a banger today”. And so we started. And it was just the most natural process ever where everything just fell into place instantly. We spent 8 hours there in the studio and the mix we’re releasing is the raw mix from the session and we literally haven’t touched the song since. Lyrically the song looks at how we’re warping and altering our realities on social media, to make it look like our lives consist only of sunny days: ‘Don’t lie, don’t lie, let’s keep it honest online, online, who can really see your both sides, both eyes?’. Electronic life is malnourishing for people. Everyone should stop hiding what’s difficult in their lives! Those more troubling times are a big part who we all are – and it’s important to deal with them and not just brush them under the carpet.”





Earlier this month The Kills revealed plans for an extraordinary career-spanning B-sides and rarities album titled Little Bastards out December 11th on Domino. Today, the band share the second track from the collection, just in time for Halloween: A 2009 cover of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ I Put A Spell On You,” whichcomes with a self-produced video composed of live show footage taken in Portland, Pomona, and San Francisco.

The tracks on Little Bastards date back from the band’s first 7-inch singles in 2002 through to 2009. All of the material has been newly remastered for release on 2 x LP, CD & Digital and marks the first ever vinyl pressing for some of these tracks. The compilation includes the previously unreleased demo “Raise Me” which was rolled out earlier this month alongside the compilation announcement.

As performers, their chemistry is unmatched and unfettered; magnetic and enthralling whether drenched in guitar feedback or delivering a piano-led torch song under a single spotlight. The Kills have transcended whatever genres first claimed them and inhabit an entirely unique place in music culture. They are themselves. Inimitable and unparalleled, Little Bastards is a musical refresher manifest as a shot of pure adrenaline.



The Flaming Lips return with a celebratory video for their nostalgic, reflective single “Assassins of Youth” taken from their September psych-pop masterwork American Head. Directed by Wayne Coyne, the clip was filmed at a recent socially distanced performance the band gave in Oklahoma City where both band and crowd members were encased in plastic bubbles. The event itself has since gone viral attracting headlines around the world and extensively reported on CNN, NPR, NME, Noisey-Vice, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Buzzfeed, Variety, Uproxx, The Today Show, Marc Maron WTF, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, TMZ and more.

For years, frontman Wayne Coyne has walked atop ecstatic crowds in a bubble. But in the interest of bringing back their spectacular live gigs safely, the band extended the tradition to fans. The video captures the unexpected joy of the endeavor, celebrating The Flaming Lips’ uncanny ability to bring people together, even in the midst of these strange times. It’s a thrill just to see a crowd jumping up and down in 2020, even if they all happen to be in plastic orbs. 
“Of course, our MAIN priority (when doing the performance for the music video) was making sure everyone was safe and all the health cautions were being enforced,” Coyne writes of the video. But there was a welcome side effect: “I forgot about how exciting and fun and ridiculous it is to do a Flaming Lips show!!! I think the video shows it!!!”



Aaron Lee Tasjan announced his genre-bending new album Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!, will be released on Feb 5 2021 on New West Records. His self-titled fourth album is a masterclass in interstellar pop, vintage glam, 90s Anglophilia and psychedelic rock & roll. With a bold reimagination of classic sounds and songwriting, rising star Tasjan is set to establish himself as one of the most idiosyncratic artists of his generation.
His debut song “Up All Night”, also released today, is equal parts alternative pop and glam rock stomp. Epic synths and four to the floor beats soundtrack Tasjan’s irreverent lyrics that reflect on lost hedonistic evenings, sexuality and mental health. Discussing the song, Tasjan stated, “Up All Night is half party anthem, half cautionary tale. It’s inspired by the times I’ve wondered if I need to get help with my drinking and what it meant that I was worrying about things in the first place?”

Tasjan added, “The 3 things that worry me most in my life are probably my health, being alone, and money. Each of those 3 daily battles became a verse in this song. The first verse explores my financial plan for the foreseeable future, my real-life love life plays out a bit in the second, while the third verse is an homage to the years-long stomach problems I’ve tried to get diagnosed that everyone says is anxiety. I lost track of a handsome gentleman/brilliant drag performer from South Carolina not long after our first date at The Lipstick Lounge. Shortly after, I moved into a new house occupied by my current partner. We lived as roommates for a few months but ultimately it became romantic and she’s become my hero and best friend in the world. For me, this song says that there’s no escaping being alive. Worrying is part of life just like having a good time or even too good of a time.”



Following the release of their new single earlier this month, Dublin-quartet Inhaler have shared the trippy video for their anthemic track “When It Breaks.” The video was directed by former Jesus & Mary Chain bassist Douglas Hart (Paul Weller, The Horrors, My Bloody Valentine) and Antony Genn. A searing indie-rock anthem, “When It Breaks” was recorded over the summer and its lyrical themes chime with the unease and disquiet of the world in 2020.

Speaking about how “When It Breaks” came together, the band said: “We wrote ‘When It Breaks’ in the last couple of months. We were floating around the instrumental demo; it was dark but also pretty hopeful sounding. When we went back to the studio over the summer and really got to put our heads together again, we felt like we had to write something about what was going on and how we felt about it. Coming off tour into lockdown was a huge adjustment for us after we had just got used to life on tour. At first, it was a welcome break but pretty soon we were dying to get back to any festival or any gig where we could get our fix! The lyrics and the music communicate the anxiousness of how we were all feeling and still are now a couple months later. It’s our interpretation of this strange and imperfect world we’ve come to live in. Things are gonna change and we are gonna be there when they do.”



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