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New Music Friday Chapter 35

Oct 23, 2020


Los Angeles based, power-pop garage band, OSO My Brain (Other Side Of My Brain_ is a new group whose players bring their illustrious punk and indie rock history into the present, smudging their underground credibility and pop sensibility, along with the contradictions of arrested development and maturity, into a fresh new sound.

Singer / Guitarist / Writer Holly Ramos grew up in Manhattan and fronted the NYC girl-group-meets-punk-band FUR. Flipside magazine said of their sympathy for the Record Industry debut single, “The fact that Fur is not bigger than God herself is a rock tragedy.” Ramos has toured throughout America and Europe hitting all the famous and historic venues form CBGBs to London’s Astoria Theatre.

Ramos and recording artist Jesse Malin have been writing partners since their teens. Their numerous compositions include “Cigarettes and Violets” on Malin’s solo debut, The Fine Art of Self Destruction, and songs on every of his additional albums, including “Chemical Heart” and “Grey Skies Look so Blue”. Ramos and Malin along with Singer / Bassist Norwood Cheek and Drummer David Avery have a strong stage presence, with the alchemy of rich musical histories, melodic yet messy rock / roll, and moments of beautiful crafting and fleeting perfection. Make sure to follow OSO My Brain!



 Los Angeles-based trans female rapper, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Mz Neon unveils the official video for “Cop Fucker,the provocative lead single featuring pioneering artist and No Wave icon Lydia Lunch, off her new Queen Hyena, Vol. 2 EP (released September 25th on Venusia Records). The new video, which Neon directed, edited, and stylized (including set design and hair/makeup) and features Lunch, was shot remotely in New York with legendary punk photographer and filmmaker Jasmine Hirst

The industrial-tinged, trap heavy single addresses the systematically nefarious legacy of institutional police corruption and bigotry and features Lunch’s signature smoky vocal texture on the hook. On “Cop Fucker,” Neon lyrically commands police to “regard me in awe as the law that you now obey” continuing on to say “and you’re gonna f—ing pay for the sins of your kind / that left behind / a legacy of supremacy / so tremendously out of line” and ending the verse with “you are resigned from your power trip / now submit to my dick.” Lunch also contributed the haunting guitar heard on the track (performed by Dix Denny and Cliff Martinez), which was sampled off “Afraid Of Your Company” from her 1982 album 13.13

 Regarding her new video, Neon shares: “I handmade all the headpieces, props, and accessories you see; including the red cat-of-nine-tails, the Egyptian-esque crook and flail, and the gilded silver badges and matching 3′ backlit sign of the logo that I created for this video. The pre-production took a few weeks and the filming took three days. I edited the scenes of Lydia (which were filmed in her signature starkly lit and minimalist ambiance) to juxtapose and evoke a sort of Orwellian-Big Brother security cam feel. The overall mood of the video has a sort of Blade Runner-in captivity-esque vibe, with a futuristic film noir sort of undertone. It really captures the mood of the song and the manic voyeuristic isolation zeitgeist of the pandemic.” 



Jake Isaac is an incredible soul singer-songwriter from London (Spotify Link & Instagram link).  Jake’s distinctive style of feisty soul pop with anthemic hooks has earned him a reputation, selling out shows across the UK, Germany, and Benelux, and he’s done many of the major music festivals (including Glastonbury twice). Jake Isaac has released several EP’s and a debut album self-producing and playing all the instruments across these projects with streaming numbers that total over 75 million. He has supported and worked with a number of notable artists including Elton John, Cynthia Erivo, Duffy, Paloma Faith, Gabriella, and Shuggie Otis. 

Be Sure to Follow Jake Isaac and keep an eye out for his second album ‘HONESTY’ out early 2021!



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