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New Music Friday Chapter 34

Oct 16, 2020


London alt-pop project Belle Mt. is releasing “This Kind of Heavy” RIGHT NOW ON YOUTUBE via Bee & El Records/Warner Records. Powered by pensive keys and Matt Belmont’s expressive voice, the single alternately simmers and soars.  The rousing melody at the heart of “This Kind of Heavy” compliments Belmont’s poetic lyrics, which circle the weighty possibility we may all just be on our own in this universe. The lush arrangement evokes both that sense of personal isolation and the imposing vastness of the cosmos, as it blossoms from gentle solo piano into a cinematic full-band crescendo. “It’s becoming oh so clear that we are on our own out here,” he sings during the dreamy finish.

“This song came at a dark time for me,” says Belmont, “after the loss of a friend had been dominating my thoughts for more than a year. I made other attempts to get my feelings out in song, but without ever feeling quite ready to live up to the gravity of the moment. I wanted a song that could help heal me, but in a way that would leave it open for interpretation by those who connected with it so they can apply it to their own life situation. It’s so cathartic to make something tangible out of the seeking you do in those times. ‘This Kind of Heavy’ was written in 2019, but honestly feels like the most 2020 song possible. Unapologetically heavy.” 



The latest taste of their debut album Get Bit (set for release December 11th), All Things Blue traverse genres and sounds with impeccable clarity. Fronted by India Coombs (or simply, Blue) along with guitarist and collaborator Jon Joseph – at once the band flirt with abrasive garage-punk, the next soaring psychpop; with Get Bit eloquently weaving between the spirited psychedelia of Melody’s Echo Chamber, the timeless proto-punk of Patti Smith, as well as hinting at inspiration from the likes of Garbage and The Cardigans along the way.

“Legend Of Chav” represents All Things Blue in their raw natural state. Laden with drunken psych-rock hooks and a wailing carefree melody, the new single was born from a demo India and Jon hashed out nearly 6 years ago, standing as one of the songwriting duo’s earliest collaborations.

Speaking on the new single, India Coombs said: “I actually wrote the lyrics for ‘Chav’ when I was about 16 after I read a story about Marie Laveau: a midwife and Voodoo practitioner from New Orleans. As for the name, our old drummer Justin Chavez cruised by the studio so we had him lay down some drumzzzand I told him he had to name the track, hence Legend of Chav. Though I had to trick Jon into recording the tune, I think we both agree now that it would’ve felt wrong not to include Chav on our debut, if nothing else, because it’s extra fun to play inebriated.”



The Child has released their brand-new single entitled “Self-Care” with alt-pop band, COIN, along with the music video. Fresh off the heels of their recently released 19-track mixtape, Candy 2, “Self-Care” with COIN is an upbeat, feel-good song that encourages the practice of self-love and the idea that it is acceptable for people to take care of their own needs and to not sacrifice personal well-being in order to please others. Louis The Child’s “Self-Care” with COIN is available now at all digital retail providers via Interscope Records.

Louis The Child says about the track, “When COIN sent us the demo for ‘Self-Care,’, we loved it. It had an infectious, funky vibe and a beautiful message. We were immediately stoked to add our drums, synths, instruments and arrangement ideas and turn the song into a jam! We’re excited for you to hear it. Turn it up and dance!”COIN notes, “This year, we tried to stop looking left and right before crossing the street (metaphorically). Trust yourself – others won’t until you do. Remove fear and judgment, this year, and maybe forever find inner light and love to beam out to the world. Free your mind. Do it for yourself. The chorus vocal is an iPhone voice memo backstage at a festival in Memphis — mindlessly free. We felt this was perfectly fitting for COIN’s first ever collaboration.”



Perth’s prominent experimental quintet – Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – have quickly become one of Australia’s hottest prospects, uncovering all kinds of weirdness and psychotic fuzz in their deceptively concise and punchy sonic warfare. Today they announce their monolithic new album, SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound, set for release February 5, 2021. Despite much of this year’s tour plans being put on pause, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets have used their time off road to continue preparing themselves for the release of their fourth studio release, and an eventual blistering return to stages around the world with a heavy-hitter of an album primed for the live space.
From SHYGA! The Sunlight MoundPsychedelic Porn Crumpets share a new effervescent taste of music in their new single, “Tally-Ho”. The track revels in creative hedonism, written to engage the senses and make your ears tingle with excitement. “I wanted something that could encapsulate loads of fun and sound a bit strange,” explains founding singer/guitar Jack McEwan, who was awarded first place in Music Radar’s top ten list of the best new guitar players in the world right now. “Like painting a colourful image of this distant world.”

“For the first time in a long time I was home without any tours booked, no work, no deadlines and I felt free to create. My writing process became ritualistic; every morning starting with a small walk to the local bottle shop at 11am and writing whatever flowed, allowing myself to design in all styles without boundaries, and not trying to theme the album early on. I haven’t had the luxury of writing this way since the first record, which I spent almost a year working on. It felt like I was myself again, creating without opinion or constraints. I was gliding through weeks with a day seeming to pass,”



Nigerian-born, U.K.-based singer/songwriter Jacob Banks continues his winning streak of tender, soul-stirring singles with the reflective, “Devil That I Know,” out today on Interscope Records and accompanied by a quietly haunting video. Banks’ third solo song of 2020 finds him questioning the value of a relationship and searching for joy in the midst of struggle.  “Devil That I Know” is available now at all digital retailers.The stripped-down production of “Devil That I Know” highlights Banks’ emotive vocals. His rich baritone trembles over delicate piano lines and wordless hums as he sings: “We can’t get any higher / We can’t get past messiah.” His songwriting is always captivating, but he shines brightest when he’s singing about the knotty complexities of love, as he does here.  The video captures something similar, as Banks and his new bride drive through the countryside tailing cans from their sedan as small elements of doubt, doom, and danger appear and subside.

“Devil That I Know” follows Banks’ September single “Stranger,” a breathtaking song about growing distant from an old flame, and his jaw-dropping cover of Alicia Keys’ “Like You’ll Never See Me Again,” released in May. The latter has racked up over 1.3 million views on YouTube, making good on the promise ofBanks’ 2018 debut album, Village, which received praise from outlets like NPR and Newsweek. Banks closed out that year on VIBE’s “30 Best Albums of 2018” list, which applauded stand-out tracks “Slow Up” and “Nostalgia.” Already a seasoned performer — Banks has sold out headlining shows across the globe and played festivals like Coachella, SXSW, and Lollapalooza. 



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