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Mar 23, 2020

By Yannanda

March 24th 2020, 20, at 04°12′ Aries
5:28 am EST

New Moons symbolize a new lunar cycle, and an opportunity to start new projects and to find the new layers of energy within to inspire you towards becoming a more authentic self. Actualizing your dreams, hopes and aspirations align with the powerful energies of SheUniverse bringing potentialities through creative soul work. 

Sun moved to Pisces on Wednesday this week, and ahead of us we have a month under the influence of Neptunian archetypes: the Visionary, the Mystic, the Compassionate One, the Elusive One, the Saint, the Martyr, the Artist, the Trance Medium, the Spiritual Guide, and also the Pretender. This new lunar cycle begins on March 24th, exactly at 5:28 am EST, with the Sun and the Moon at 4 degrees and 12 minutes of Aries. This is the first New Moon after the Spring Equinox which began a new cycle of the Zodiac on March 19-20th and is affecting us for the next 3 months until Summer Solstice. This New Moon being in such proximity to the Equinox chart emphasizes the themes highlighted by the Spring chart: healing our collective warrior archetype, sharing of the resources, focus on ecology, personal responsibility (big theme of Pluto in Capricorn), and the need to act together for the common future. You can read in depth analysis of the Equinox chart in here: http://www.creatrixmag.com/cosmic-portals-spring-equinox/

With Aries, a cardinal, fire sign ruled by Mars, we are experiencing a boost of energy helping us to take reality in stride. With its pioneering, courageous, intense survival spirit, we are launched to fearlessly conquer the world. And what a kind of world we are facing these days… We certainly need the here and now Aries attitude. Being in the moment of the Martian type, not the Piscean mindfulness and unity with the spirit of the Universe, but the here and now of a warrior attentive to the changing environment. Aries is action oriented – taking care of our affairs and our world that seemingly is shifting every minute, just like the statistics of the world overtaken by the pandemic. 

The major aspect of this New Moon is Sun / Moon / Chiron conjunction in the sign of Aries. Chiron, The Wounded Healer, teaches us about leadership, healing the wounds around self worth, assertiveness, and the need to lead even if you know deep inside you are not always the greatest hero you would like to be. You learn that your best is good enough

The conjunction is also part of a T-square, a stressful and motivating planetary configuration. Sun, Moon and Chiron act as an apex, squaring the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn. It is a call to consciously face the changing reality, and act, aware of our collective destiny represented by the North Node in the sign of Cancer. We need to trust and embrace not only the life within our secure homes but to see our planet Earth as our collective mother, our spaceship, and our home, that we urgently need to take care of, make healthy again and put back into equilibrium. It is time to re-envision the political, economic and cultural systems through a New Green Deal that includes tackling the climate emergency as well as redesigning our society. Furthermore, the evolutionary paths represent a new attitude toward the shared resource, what only a few weeks ago seemed like an utopian tale to some (universal healthcare, basic income, the lock on the hegemony of the oil industry, banks and landlords) is coming into focus as a necessity.  

We are undergoing a powerful transformation symbolized by Saturn entering Aquarius which took place on March 21st. Saturn remains in each sign for around 2.5 years and it takes approximately 29 years to complete the cycle (infamous Saturn Return). The energies are shifting from work and structure oriented Capricorn to the higher octave of societal development: forward-looking, egalitarian, revolutionary and data/ science driven sign of Aquarius calling us to work together towards the betterment of the society, and environment, through the collaborative, synchronized efforts. 

In the New Moon chart, Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius trines the asteroids Vesta (the Goddess of Focus) and Hygeia (I call her The Medicine Woman) in early degrees of Gemini. There is a tremendous effort to disseminate relevant information on how to tackle the current crisis. In the state of New York, the governor Cuomo’s posts daily  updates on the latest developments regarding the coronavirus pandemic in NY state, here is the link: https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/home. This is an example of transparent messaging, and no nonsense governing, a refreshing turn compared to the inconsistent and incoherent communications that the White House passes for strategy, when what they really do, is engaging is tactical distraction in the times of public health emergencies. Like the virus itself, democracy is extremely adaptable to the citizens it serves. The great irony here is that in the times such as these civil liberties often take a back seat to civil wellbeing. 

Hygeia with a snake
Goddess of Health, which I call Medicine Woman

With Aquarius and Gemini in focus, and Uranus trine to the South Node and sextile to the North Node, we are reinventing our social lives. The technology becomes even more indispensable. We connect, we share, we offer our skills through online communities, we open up through the increasing amount of live feeds to keep our sanity (Hygeia), to feel that we are not alone in this all. Our isolation won’t last forever, but the new ways of social interaction will change yet again the relation we have with technology. That’s Uranus! 

The heavy load of Capricorn planets is still in effect, Pluto at 24 degrees of Capricorn is in a mighty stellium of Pallas Athena (Warrior Goddess Protectress of the City) Mars, and Jupiter. This is a tremendous energy cluster that needs to find an outlet, and since it creates a trine with Venus at 20 degrees of Taurus, all ways of increasing our social and artistic endeavors are encouraged, so make your art, share your art, turn on Skype, Zoom, live feeds, participate in intentional online communities. It’s Aries season – we are here to conquer new worlds and explore new avenues of self expression!

However, be mindful of all these feisty planetary archetypes, with Mars the ruler of this New Moon conjunct Pluto, the God of Transformation and Jupiter who augments whatever it touches, the bursts of anger may present a huge threat to all our efforts in rebuilding our social lives. Walk away from any conflict at this time, as your reactions at the present moment will be amplified in the second half of 2020 when Mars will oppose his current position… We are collectively and individually healing our warrior archetype, do not undo the efforts by irrational rage. Channel the excess of energy into exercise, creativity, or helping your community from afar. 

Featured artwork by Richard F Kessler

Yannanda, The One Who Speaks With The Stars is an alter ego of Jana Astanov a multidisciplinary artist, poet & astrologer https://www.instagram.com/jana_astanov/

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