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Mistake Erase Eyeliner Is A Makeup Miracle

Nov 19, 2019

By Amy Sciarretto

Creating a cat-eye flick is one of the toughest makeup techniques to master. You need a steady hand, a quality product with a flexible, pigment-packed applicator tip, and a light touch to create a wing at the outer corner of your eyes. Even the most experienced liquid eyeliner veterans make mistakes — lines can be too thick, shaky and uneven, asymmetrical, too long, misshapen, or just plain bunk. Any liquid liner lover knows that pointed cotton swabs are an essential tool needed to clean up errant eyeliner and makeup mistakes. Until now.

Mistake Erase is your new makeup miracle. There’s rich, dark, and matte black liquid liner on one end and a built-in corrector tip that dispenses a conditioning makeup remover that corrects any mistakes on the other. The liner tip is one of the best I’ve ever used — and I’ve tried them all, from Still Stay All Day to Kat Von D Tattoo Liner to Lottie London Wing Edition. It’s firm and dispenses just the right amount of product so you can create classic and thin or dramatic and bold lines.

That corrector tip, though. It allows you to fix any liner mishaps yet leaves the rest of your eye makeup intact. You just have to use it gingerly and must wait 10 seconds for the liner to dry before attempting to remove or refine lines or to erase pesky smudges. The brand recommends cleaning the corrector end with a tissue after each use.

No matter your eyeliner skill level — from noob to expert — this self-contained liner will be a makeup bag “must.” Eyeliner “oopsies!” are a thing of the past.

Courtesy of Mistake Erase

Mistake Erase is available exclusively at Amazon.com for just $11.99. That’s a complete and total steal, considering your get two products in one pen-like tool.

Courtesy of Mistake Erase

I look forward to no longer having to keep a stash of Q-Tips in my makeup bag for the express purpose of wiping away a sloppy wing. Gone are the days of leaving a messy liquid eyeliner look “as is” because I am too strapped for time and can’t start over. There have so many been times where I left the house with a questionable wing because I had tried to correct it but just couldn’t get it right so I said “Eff this!” and gave up.

Courtesy of Mistake Erase

With Mistake Erase, you can continue to wing it every single day.

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