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Jun 22, 2020

By Bella Carles

In a time where each day brings a new challenge, we knew we needed to pioneer into a new venture with obtaining content. With that, we turned to experiential experts, Claudine DeSola and Janine Just, who have since pivoted their own Content Studio based in NYC, to virtual programming. What blossomed from a lot of trial and error of ideation during Quarantine soon developed into the Caravan Social Club. We partnered up with the duo and their team to test out our first virtual campaign, collaborating with Lifetherapy, a lifestyle beauty brand founded by Lynette Lovelace in 2009.  To help kick-off our inaugural efforts, DeSola and Just layered in a roster of amazing talent, captured by photographer Justine Johnson (IG: piquant.photo) all through Zoom. 

Lifetherapy’s lifestyle product line is based on the power of scent fused with extraordinary ingredients to evoke positive experiences and emotions for the mind, the body and the spirit. “Choose Your Mood” is their overall encompass and tagline based on the belief that the transformative power of fragrance layered with self-care creates a positive frame of mind. It was the perfect time to take such a simple catchline into meaningful quotes from each participant based on Lifetherapy’s five MOODS: LOVED, TRANSFORMED, ENERGIZED, GROUNDED and INSPIRED.

Without further adieu, enjoy our first virtual collaboration that hopefully inspires you to, “Choose Your Mood.”  Share with us how you are feeling now – loved, transformed, energized, grounded or inspired. With so many emotions currently, we wanted this to be a point of reflection as well as a pause for us all to grow and create a better future together through our work, our charitable efforts and to just be kind. 

Make sure you stay tuned on our Instagram Live Feeds Wednesday through Friday where Alice and Caravan will interview all of our lovely women featured below on how they turned a stressful time into a positive, enlightening experience! @alice_magazine and @caravannyc See you there!

Lynette Lovelace

IG: @lifetherapyofficial

Jessy Schram

 “Be Here, Be Now.
“There’s so much going on right now. So much uncertainty and unknown. Imbalance of downtime and overload time and pressure in quarantine. I learned my deep patterns and habits don’t change when a pandemic hits, they just hit even harder because I’m confined to the insides of a couple of walls. So “Be Here, Be Now” helps me focus on the present and calms some of the overwhelm, which helps me to connect to what is in front of me right now and what I can do in this moment.”

Actress and Musician

Recent Projects: NBC’S Chicago Med, single “Do I Dare” and Hallmark’s Country at Heart

Mood: Loved, Inspired

IG: @jschramer

Elodi Guillaume

“Transforming my inner self, to essentially become the woman I’m meant to be, whether that may be a role model or civil servant.”

 Model, Artist, Activist

Recent Projects: Black Lives Matter movement, as well as drawing and ballet. 

Mood: Transformed

IG: @ellabella_elodi

Shayne Hindes

“I left NYC to quarantine with my family back in March, which included my 7 year-old little sister.  While being here, I feel as though I have grown into the person I always wanted to be. I have evolved as a sister, a daughter, and a friend. Space away from my New York City home has put me more in touch with myself, and those around me. It’s the people you love who make your home, and I couldn’t have found that more true than during the times we are currently living in. You should be with those who make you happy and do what inspires you. So, I decided to go ahead and publish a cookbook while I was here with easy, low-calorie, high nutrient recipes to make during the pandemic. Cooking and nutrition has been a passion of mine for a long time— and quarantining gave me the outlet to use that passion and run with it!”

Author, Model

Recent Projects: Cookbook: GUILTLESS, is a mini eCookbook that features low-calorie and nutrient dense recipes. Available on Amazon and Apple.

Mood: Grounded, Transformed

IG: @shayneahindes

Nicolette S. Templier

“In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.”        -Octavia E. Butler

Recent Projects: Transformed 2020: My Year of Y.E.S. (Year of Experiences and Self Care) 2020 is my year of Y.E.S Year of Experiences and Self-Care.  Let go of the past with gratitude and embrace the bright future. United Nations: As a Youth Ambassador to the UN-SDGs Nicolette wants you to join your local UNA-USA chapter to take part in global conversations. Miss Earth: Currently Miss Earth USA Eco 2019 Nicolette is a #BeautyforaCause Miss Earth ( @missearthusa) is blending the worlds of beauty influencers and environmental activism. Community Initiatives: Back to School Brooklyn has been collecting upcycled backpacks and school supplies for the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club for the last two years. The drive will be returning this fall.#TIPTUESDAY Join Nicolette and Millennial Women NYC ( @MillennialWomenNYC) to learn eco-friendly tips and tricks for those looking to Go Green.

Mood: Transformed

IG: @nicolette.stephanie

Kate Flannery

 “The world is changing faster than ever and it’s easy to feel out of balance. No need to drink a six pack to wake up feeling hungover.  We have all lost the right to take anything for granted. The things that used to occupy space in my head have changed. What keeps me grounded and reminds me that I am loved is gratitude.  I am so grateful for the success I’ve had in work and love.  Despite these crazy times I am very optimistic for the future.  I am grateful for that.”

Actor, comedienne and singer Kate Flannery is best known for her nine seasons as Meredith on NBC’s “The Office.” She sings and tours with Jane Lynch in their anti-cabaret act “Two Lost Souls,” where they did a residency at The Carlyle Hotel in New York. She’s toured with Lynch for the past four years playing at the Kennedy Center, Joe’s Pub and in 40 cities over the past two years. She is featured on Lynch’s Christmas album, “A Swingin’ Little Christmas,” which hit No. 6 on the Billboard Top 100 chart. 

Recent Projects: During this time, I’m walking 3 miles a day, singing a few times a week, and taking a writing class.  I go from my place to my bf, Chris’ place. He has two kids and we’ve been doing family game nights with Yahtzee, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit. I rarely win but I love it. The rest of my family is far away but we talk everyday. We zoom once a week so I have to put on makeup. I am lucky to have many friends across the country; we are staying connected. I’m doing a lot of video messages for charity from home, too.

Mood: Loved, Energized

IG: @therealkateflannery

Lara Eurdolian

“With so many parts of my business being focused around live events, on-air, and in-person collaborations, quarantine was a challenge. In the beginning, most of my projects were canceled, so I focused on philanthropic programs. I was trying to find inspiration in new things when my signature multi-use chains from my accessories line (which were originally launched as a camera, water bottle, and bag strap) began going viral from being used as the first mask chain. My accessories line had always been a small part of my business/brand and this discovery completely reinvigorated my line. I was also inspired by the fact that it promoted safety both by helping to make sure you never forget your mask but also by touching it less, so it’s more sanitary. Plus it makes accessorizing fun and it gave me the opportunity to give back in a larger way by donating 15% of our proceeds to various causes.”

 Beauty Expert and Founder of Pretty Connected and the spinoff Pretty Connected Accessories Line, which created the first Mask Chain holder accessory

Recent Projects: Lara Eurdolian is a beauty expert and founder of Pretty Connected and the spinoff Pretty Connected accessories line, which created the first Mask Chain holder accessory. Lara also works as an event host, on-air, brand consultant and manages talent. In 2014 Lara co-founded, Share Your Beauty, an initiative to collect unused, unopened beauty and hygiene products to women who are homeless or victims of domestic violence.

Mood: Grounded

IG: @prettyconnected

Dylan Rubinstein

 “Staying grounded at this time has been extremely important for my mental health! This is the scariest thing that many of us have ever experienced, and finding peace amongst chaos has been crucial. During this time, the crafty version of Dylan has definitely come out. I’ve been following the trends (aka tie dying everything I own), taking the time to do mindless activities like coloring books, mapping out my schedule daily to keep myself on track without getting overwhelmed, and trying new things like resin. Writing has remained an outlet for me, as well. I’m lucky enough to live on the water in Manhattan, so daily walks along the Hudson River Greenway have also been a huge asset + relief. I’ve learned to stop stressing the little things, of course, and start appreciating the luxuries we once took advantage of. Being trapped in a Manhattan apartment with your boyfriend for almost 100 days could go sour quickly… but I have never felt more loved, appreciated, or understood. Lucky us! I think all of the above also applies to how I have transformed throughout this time – both mindset and action-wise.”

 Freelance Beauty/Fashion Writer

Recent Projects: My current projects remain staying on top of beauty + fashion trends to keep readers entertained. If I can give them a reason to laugh, but also score a good deal, I feel successful.

Mood: Grounded, Loved, Transformed

IG: @thedylanjader


“Doing this amazing shoot made me feel empowered. As a strong Black Woman, I always love to embrace moments when I feel fully in control and fearless” 

 Singer, Actress, Producer

 Recent Projects: Originating “The Moon” in Broadway’s Revival CAROLINE, OR CHANGE at Roundabout Theatre; Conceiver, Producer, Star of Broadway Bound DOROTHY DANDRIDGE MUSICAL; Starring in the role of “Jazz” in Broadway Bound Musical DANGEROUS; Presently doing vocal coaching, corporate zoom concerts and conducting online master voice classes at schools.

Mood: Grounded, Energized

IG: @divankenge

Katie Zamprioli

“This has been such a difficult time filled with so much anxiety and fear. I’ve managed to stay grounded through mediation, connecting with nature, throwing myself into my creative endeavors, and leaning on the love of family and friends. When something like this happens, you realize what’s really important in life and for me that’s my loved ones.”

 Recent Projects: I’ve been keeping busy with my latest project which was revamping my outdoor patio. I partnered with Joybird to make it happen and it has given me so much peace to create a beautiful and comfortable space for my family that allows us to enjoy nature and each other’s company.

Mood: Grounded, Inspired

IG: @candycoloredhome

Shauna Sloms

“Be a Pineapple- Stand Tall, Undefined, and Stay Sweet on the Inside”

 Artist; Dancer; Creator; Trainer

Recent Projects: Shauna Sloms is a true artist; dancing her way through quarantine to maintain her professional ballet training with her company, working on her latest choreography #pumpmovement, personal training clients, and hosting movement classes with children. 

Mood: Loved, Energized

IG: @shauxo

Ashley Romans

 “The pressure around you provokes the power within you.  It’s worth the weight.”

Recent Projects: Ashley Romans is best known for her work on the AMC series “NOS4A2,” where she plays “Tabitha Hutter.” After a recurring role in season 1 she has been made a series regular for season 2 which begins on June 21. She also had recurring roles on “Shameless” and “I’m Dying Up Here.”

Mood: Grounded, Energized

IG: @romansash

Lauren Sesselman

“I chose the word Transformed because it hit the closest to me. This past year has been a huge transition in my life going from being a pro athlete into “what’s next” in life. I felt very lost with no guidance and went into a dark place that took me until recently to get myself out of. I struggled with depression and self-worth and I forgot about the strong talented woman deep inside me. I have grown immensely, have learned so much about myself, my strength and I have found my true calling, my WHY and purpose. I have not only transformed into someone I admire and love, but I have been able to help others transform and feel inspired that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to and live their dreams.”  

 Olympian/Pro Soccer Player, Mentor & Host

 Recent Projects: Sports Host/Podcast Host, Female Athlete Pro and Youth Mentor, Fitness Trainer Live Workouts and Fitness Events around the world, Soccer camps around the world, wellness and travel blogger, and just started designing my own sportswear line!

Mood: Inspired, Transformed

IG: @lsesselmann

Lizzy Lahive

 “Love nourishes inspiration. Having the courage to embrace it gives you the feeling of empowerment.”

 Founder and Designer of Lahive

Recent Projects: Working on creating ideas with multi-functional uses to further enhance our sustainability.

Mood: Love

IG: @shoplahive

Caravan NYC

Janine Just & Claudine DeSola

IG: @caravannyc

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