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The Rate of Lichen Sclerosus (Bxo) Was Significantly Higher Among Male Patients With Acquired Than Congenital Phimosis

Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO) in acquired Phimosis in male patients

BXO is thin white dry patches that appear on the foreskin. It can be troublesome if this is not treated. This causes tight foreskin in children and adults. This is also known as lichen sclerosus

If any male patients who has tight foreskin recently , we must exclude BXO phimosis. Literature showed that it is more likely to due to BXO

Following advice will be given

1. Topical steroids have been used. Topical steroids can offer a reliable option only in the management of mild or early BXO limited to the prepuce in boys with minimal scar formation.

2. Circumcision with frenuloplasty in adults and children with BXO may be required if there is no improvement in the tight foreskin with steroids

3. Further treatment, or treatment of circumcised patients, is more challenging. Topical steroids will require in patients after circumcision who has BXO on glans (head) penis 

4. Steroids injection provides efficacious management for urinary stricture disease in patients with biopsy ­proven BXO before invasive surgery.


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