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Lenthening of frenulum or frenuloplasty

Dr Khan  will cut across the bridge of skin under your penis and repair it lengthwise to lengthen it and this is called frenuloplasty. V-Y or Z pasty may require if frenulum is short. 


Penile frenuloplasty: a simple and effective treatment for frenular pain or scarring

Doctors from King Hospital, London published the report in 2011

Frenuloplasty, using common plastic surgical techniques for scar lengthening, is a commonly performed operation amongst urologists for isolated frenular pathology. However, there is very little data in the urological literature regarding either technique or assessment. The only other published study was a questionnaire follow-up with a 23% response rate and the technique used was not clarified. Other studies describe expensive, rarely used procedures and are hampered by small patient numbers or short-term follow-up only. Our study validates the common practice of using plastic surgical techniques for scar lengthening. We have 100% clinical short-term follow-up (3 months) and 91% long-term follow-up (up to 10 years) showing high patient satisfaction scores and low complication and re-operation rates. This provides an evidence base from which to counsel patients who are keen for foreskin sparing surgery for frenular pathology. The extra addition of our grading system allows patients to be risk-stratified as to the risk of re-operation depending on their status at presentation and underlying pathology.

Ref: 2011 BJU INTERNATIONAL | 109, 1546–1550 | doi:10.1111/j.1464-410X.2011.10678.

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