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Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs Lip Gloss Lasts Through EVERYTHING

Jan 20, 2020

By Amy Sciarretto

Lady Gaga launched her Haus Laboratories makeup line, which is sold exclusively through Amazon, last year. Since celeb makeup lines are a dime a dozen, I waited a minute before sampling some of the Haus Labs wares — and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs Le Riot Lip Gloss lasts through everything — life as you know it, lunch, a venti Starbucks green tea latte, and a gab fest with your bestie. That’s because the dreamy formula is unlike anything I’ve tried before. And I’ve tried most.

Le Riot Lip Gloss in Corset is a peachy pink with a pearly finish and it is the perfect hybrid of a shiny gloss and a liquid lipstick with just the right amount of pigmentation. I line my lips with one of the brand’s creamy, no tug and no skip RIP Lip Liners first and then swipe a coat or two of Corset and the color lasts and lasts. You’ll basically be getting into a relationship with Le Riot, since it makes a firm commitment to stick to your lips.

Le Riot is not goopy or nor is it too sticky. Put simply, this is not your older sister’s ’00s Juicy Tube or MAC Lipglass. The formula hugs lips without feeling overpowering. It’s also fragrance-free.

Courtesy of Haus Labs

Seriously, this shade of pink complements ALL skin tones and won’t wash you out. Gaga’s foray into a celeb makeup line truly features totally wearable, every day lippies. Such is the case for most of Haus Labs’ offerings.

While Gaga is known for over-the-top, epic, and dramatic performance makeup, her products are designed for her fans to be able play with as they wish — and in every day life.

Le Riot comes in other shades of red, true pink, and more. You are pretty much guaranteed to love the extra large doe foot wand, which allows you more control when applying your color.

Courtesy of Haus Labs

If you are sick of that super matte lip look that dominated much of the twenty tens and are eager to get back to wet-look lips with a modern flair, start with Haus Labs Le Riot lip gloss.

Haus Labs also sells liquid eyeshadow, palettes, eyeliner, and more.

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