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Kesha Rose Beauty Is As Edgy As The Singer

Jan 7, 2020

By Amy Sciarretto

Kesha is the latest celeb to create her own beauty line. But the singer, known for her sassy, irreverent pop music, for proclaiming that she brushed her teeth with a bottle of Jack on her biggest hit, and her painful and public battles against former producer Dr. Luke, has partnered with HipDot to introduce Kesha Rose Beauty. And it’s positively gorg.

These cosmetics appear to be so inspired by the singer that look like EXACTLY what you would expect to1 find if you dumped out her tattered and torn Givenchy bag.

The first drop includes a gloriously bold eyeshadow palette, liquid eyeliner duos, and a lipstick and lip gloss set. The products are vegan, cruelty-free, wearable, fun, and thoroughly Kesha. The singer is known for her stunning smattering of freckles, her blonde locks, and her DGAF attitude. That applies to her personal style and her makeup. If you crush hard on Kesha, you can copy her lips and lids with this range.

“I wanted to create makeup that represented who I am as an artist and that my fans would love,” the “Tik Tok” singer said in a press release. “Beauty is about embracing who you are while standing fearlessly together to celebrate our differences. Don’t strive for perfection because you’re already there. Go wild and remember, life is short. Don’t be afraid to Fuck it Up.”

Courtesy of HipDot

Preach, sis. That’s a mantra I can get behind when it comes to makeup. Makeup need not be perfect to turn heads, and few things are as rock ‘n’ roll as eyeliner or eyeshadow that is smudged, smoked, and looks like you slept in it while face down on your pillow after a long, long, loooong night. Next day eyeliner is one of my favorite trends since it’s anti-perfect.

Courtesy of HipDot

Makeup artist Vittorio Masecchia used these very products to create Kesha’s looks in the artwork and promotional materials for her upcoming album High Road, out January 10. These are the tools you need if you want to recreate those fire looks or to design your very own.

Kesha Rose beauty products are available for purchase on their own or in bundles.

Courtesy of HipDot

There’s even more good news for fans and beauty junkies. Kesha Rose Beauty is not a limited edition line. Additional products will be added in the future.

Here’s exactly what’s in the range right now.

FTW Eyeshadow Palette

Courtesy of HipDot

At $36, this 12-pan circular palette shakes out to $3 per shade. It’s packed with bright hues in shimmer, matte, and glitter textures. Go wild and create looks as loud and as lovely you wish, thanks to the purple, red, green, blue, gold, and pink hues. You can also add some of the brighter colors along your lower lash line or in the inner corners of your eyes for the perfect pop of color.

Whatever Wherever Wands

Courtesy of HipDot

You will drop $28 on this set of dual-ended, waterproof liquid eyeliner pens. They come in four shades. There’s jet black, shimmery deep blue, sparkly burnt orange, and light yellow gold. So you can create classic eye looks or try some fun, sunset styles.

Lipstick and Lip Gloss Duo

Courtesy of HipDot

The lipstick set boasts a $26 price tag and features the Raising Hell Red Lipstick and That B*tch Lip Gloss, a pH balanced and color-changing formula that tints your lips a shade of pink that depends on your body chemistry. So it’s truly a DNA-distinct, custom-shade. You can layer the lippies or wear ’em a la carte.

Kesha’s Kesha Rose Beauty line is edgy AF. Just like the singer herself.

BTW, HipDot also dropped a SpongeBob makeup collection earlier this year that is life.

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