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Glue Circumcision: A New Method of Adult Circumcision with Derma+flex Glue

The patented Derma+Flex medical adhesive is formulated as a controlled flow gel. Derma+Flex is a flexible gel adhesive providing a supple, secure and transparent protective microbial barrier over adult circumcision wound   

Derma+Flex is sterile, viscous and easy to apply. It stays where you want without running. Single layer applications and faster set-times are facilitated by high viscosity. There is usually no need to apply multiple layers.

Derma+Flex is solvent-free and will not sting when correctly applied. Its unique proprietary formulation and method of setting means there is negligible exothermic reaction (heat generation). It naturally sloughs off without causing trauma.

Derma+Flex is ideally suited for areas of skin exposed to flexing and moisture, especially which are difficult to seal with traditional bandages.

We used dermabound glue in the past. Now we are using this new advanced formula glue for most of the adult circumcision at London circumcision clinic. 

Please see further details from company website .   


Derma+flex glue for adult circumcision  


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