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Glow Recipe’s Lip Pop Is A Balm, Scrub, and Tint — Really!

Feb 5, 2020

By Amy Sciarretto

Glow Recipe, the K-beauty brand known for its amazing Watermelon Sleeping Mask lotion, has outdone itself with its latest innovation. The brand has launched the Glow Recipe Lip Pop. It’s lip balm. It’s a lip scrub. And it’s a lip tint. It’s ultimately a triple threat that does everything it possibly can to keep your lips in tip-top shape this winter. It’s both a care and color product in a single tube.

The Lip Pop is shaped like your typical lipstick bullet. It’s super moisturizing like a balm and imparts the softest pink hue. If you layer on two or three coats, the pink shade comes to life even more. If you love that flushed, blotted, and imprecise lip look — you know, like you’ve just been kissed — you’ll get it with a few swipes of Lip Pop.

Now about the scrub part? If you can’t reconcile how it can exfoliate and hydrate at the same time, don’t worry. I had the same question. The bullet boasts mega fine granules that exfoliate lips once you apply. You can barely feel the subtle grittiness. In fact, you might not have even noticed if we never bothered to tell you.

Courtesy of Glow Recipe Instagram

It’s not like, say, a Sara Happ lip scrub, which is a pot of sugar crystals and moisturizing oils that you apply, rub in a circular motion with a baby toothbrush, and then wipe away. The exfoliant action is self-contained, and it’s not messy at all.

You basically swipe Lip Pop across your lips, rub them together, and the granules will simply melt away. The product is also edible and natural, with a slightly sweet flavor. Therefore, you don’t have to stress about digesting it.

Courtesy of Glow Recipe Instagram

If your lips take a beating in the winter, you won’t want to leave the house without this three-in-one product aka miracle in a tube in your pocket or in your handbag.

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