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Glossier’s Pro Tip Black Eyeliner Is Your New “Wing Man”

Nov 7, 2019

By Amy Sciarretto

Courtesy of Glossier

Glossier is the internet’s favorite minimalist and millennial makeup brand. The company has perfected that “no makeup” makeup look and has steadily increased its skin care and cosmetics offerings over time The latest addition to the Glossier beauty family is the Glossier Pro Tip eyeliner. The eyeliner pen is Glossier proper’s first foray into liquid eyeliner. Longtime fans of the brand will remember that Glossier issued a black pencil eyeliner as part of a holiday bundle in 2016. However, that particular liner was not added to the permanent repertoire of products. While Glossier’s fun, funky, and colorful sister brand Glosser Play does offer eyeliners in an array of shades, an every day liquid liner is something the brand has sorely lacked. Until now.

Here’s everything you need and want to know about Glossier Pro Tip. It’s smudge-resistant, long-lasting, and stays put. While it doesn’t budge and goes the distance, if you want a thick, dark, and dramatic cat-eye flick, then you will definitely need to layer on a few coats of the liner in order to achieve the desired intensity and oomph! The liner has a brush tip with flexible fibers that will hug the lash line minus any tugging or skipping, so you can get a precision line every time. Because, really, is there any worse of a time suck than having to dip a Q-tip in makeup remover to carefully clean up any messy or uneven flicks?

Many eyeliner elitists are well aware that drawing eyeliner wings takes practice — lots and lots of practice — and there will be plenty of trial and error before you get your technique down pat. However, Glossier Pro Tip is an excellent tool for both liquid eyeliner novices and veterans. It’s easy to use and virtually mistake-proof.

Courtesy of Glossier

The barrel of the pen is the brand’s signature soft pink. It will cost you $16, which falls in line with most prestige brand liquid liners. Pro Tip is currently available at the Glossier website, which is the brand’s main sales platform.

Courtesy of Glossier

The best thing about Glossier Pro Tip is that you can go as low key or as dramatic and glam as you wish with your wing. If you want to slay a baby tip that enhances your lids, two swipes should do the trick. Prefer a thicker, wider, or a “POW!” flick? Then add a little more pressure while applying and go with a minimum of four swipes across the lash line.

Pro Tip is your latest and greatest makeup bag “wing man.”

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