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May 6, 2020

By Yannanda

Sun at 17 degrees and 20 minutes of Taurus
Moon at 17 degrees and 20 minutes of Scorpio
May 7th, 6:45 EST


Full moons symbolize a peak of energies, and occur when the Sun (the ego) opposes the Moon (the soul). Through the external pressures, antagonistic energies bring up  inner conflicts to the surface. This may translate into obstacles between our home and work; our desires and our needs. The cosmic tensions are mostly felt on the personal level as full moons are focused on the emotional and instinctual, allowing us to gain insight into the dynamics of our intimate relationships, and through the power of intuitive insight, adjust them accordingly. 

This Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on May 7th, 6:45 EST. May’s Full Moon, also known as The Flower Moon, takes its name from the abundance of blossoming flowers visible at this time of year. It is also the third and final supermoon of the year, after March’s Worm Moon, and April’s Pink Moon.

The duality of the Full Moon expresses itself through the axis of Taurus and Scorpio: the realm of tangible, physical and pleasurable, and the realm of intuitive, emotional, and intense. With the Sun at 17 degrees and 20 minutes of Taurus conjunct Mercury and opposing the Moon at 17 degrees and 20 minutes of Scorpio, we may experience a split between what we perceive, and how we feel. If Taurus is synonymous with senses – what we see, touch, smell, and taste – the whole world blossoms and awakens. Mercury is what we communicate – perceptions analyzed and organized by the mind. Scorpio represents the opposite spectrum, always going deeper to find the truth about what is really at the core of our motivation, beyond what the mind suggests, peeling off all the layers to reach the most vulnerable parts of ourselves. 

Do you know what your heart longs for? We all know within. The Western world associates the mind with intelligence and thinking, while the heart is identified with feelings. It is a complete opposite in the East with its long spiritual tradition of linking the feelings with thinking, as represented by the Hindu philosophy concept of “chitta”, meaning “heart-mind”, the center of our individual consciousness. And indeed, when we measure the electromagnetic field generated by our bodies, we find that the area of the heart is a much more powerful transmitter than our head. It’s our heart that holds the key to understanding of our higher Self, and we can access this wisdom through self-inquiry, self-knowledge, meditation, hypnosis, art, journaling, poetry, anything really that allows us to open our heart-mind.

The Moon in Scorpio also teaches us about our own power, and sharing of our resources. It’s the most sexual of all signs, with its extraordinary passion, and laser sharp insight we are getting closer to the Source of all things. The Scorpio archetypes support us on the journey of going deeper into the self, and that also includes knowing our shadow side and being able to accept it, and work with it which is the true emotional and spiritual mastery.

During this Full Moon the Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces which further supports the inner explorations, guided by the power of our imagination. As the Full Moon ritual, tune into the sound of water, whether physical by the sea shore, river, mountain stream, or recorded sound of ocean waves. Lead yourself through the inner journey, and simply observe what is coming up for you. We can benefit from the beauty and harmony of this trine to influence our emotions as Neptune brings us compassionate understanding. Be open to explore creative urges, cosmic downloads, sudden inspirations, and even psychic experiences, as it is also a possibility with this aspect.

Featured photo: Elisa Garcia de la Huerta, Pink Daydream, 35mm, Barcelona, 2017

Furthermore, the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury receives a sextile from Neptune in Pisces, which adds sensitivity, and further denotes artistic and highly imaginative influence that can be channeled into all sorts of creative endeavors: sculpture and painting (Sun in Taurus), music, film and photography (Pisces), poetry (Neptune sextile Mercury). Whatever the medium you may choose, pour the emotional intensity of the Flower Moon into your art.

The Scorpio energies may not always be easy to handle, but exploring one’s own intensity of feelings can be fruitful, so harness the intuitive power to align with your soul’s desires and needs, and manifest them through the sheer power of visualization (that trine from Neptune in Pisces), followed by focused actions reflecting what your heart-mind longs for.

Jana Astanov, Medusa performance for the camera, 2015

Yannanda, The One Who Speaks With The Stars is an alter ego of Jana Astanov a multidisciplinary artist, poet & astrologer https://www.instagram.com/jana_astanov/

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