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Full Moon in Leo. February 8-9th. Inner Fire.

Feb 7, 2020

By Yannanda

Sun at 20 degrees of Aquarius, Moon at 20 degrees of Leo
February 8th 11:33 PST
February 9th 2:33 EST, 7:33 GMT

Full moons symbolize a peak of energies, after the Moon’s travel around the Zodiac, and occur when the Sun (the ego) opposes the Moon (the soul). Through the external pressures, antagonistic energies bring up inner conflicts to the surface revealing what has been hidden in our subconscious. This may translate into obstacles between our home and work; our desires and our needs. The cosmic tensions are mostly felt on the personal level as full moons are focused on the emotional and instinctual, allowing us to gain insight into the dynamics of our intimate relationships, and through the power of intuitive insight, adjust them accordingly. 

This Full Moon in Leo takes place on February 8th at 11:33pm Pacific Time and February 9th at 2:33 am Eastern Time. Leo is a fixed fire sign, which makes it is willful, playful, passionate and creative. The ruler of Leo, the Sun is the life giver within our solar system, it also symbolizes the function of ego, an unifying force. In a way we are all centers of our own universe and this Full Moon brings us to our unique joyful expression.

During this Full Moon, the Moon stands alone in the northern part of the astrological wheel with all the planets concentrated in the southern inner hemisphere. As this position of the Moon brings you back into yourself, it activates and reveals something that you didn’t realize before: it enables you to find that inner fire, confidence, motivation, and joy for life. We are still held back by the Pluto Saturn conjunction,  which may feel heavy and obstructing until the evolutionary impulse of Pluto grows within the structures of Saturn to make a breakthrough… but luckily, the energy of this Full Moon feels personal and energizing as Leo symbolizes our ego-identity, individual destiny, and the power of creative expression. 

Each human being is the center of her own universe, each of us is special and unique, and able to individuate into a healthy sense of self. Showing yourself, and being recognized for who you are thereby essential parts of the creative self. There is no place for egotism when you share your gifts with the world. 

Leo is connected to the heart chakra opening us to the Sacred Heart Wisdom: Love, Creation, Connection and Blissfulness, feeling of being One with the Universe which is also a name of the ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, Sun’s personification, devi with a head of a lioness, She is the Heart of the Sun. The Self beyond the Ego. Her mantra: SA SEKHEM SAHU reveals that Sekhmet is the power that grants us eternal life. Sa – protection of life, life force, Sekhmet – The Powerful One, Sahu – the eternal spiritual body. During this Full Moon meditate on the Goddess and repeat: SA SEKHEM SAHU. 

Sekhmet, Egyptian Goddess with a head of a lioness and the solar disk.

You can also tune in to The Self beyond the Ego mantra from ASTRALOOP. https://soundcloud.com/astraloop/self-beyond-the-ego

This Full Moon in Leo reminds you of your unique and creative self and encourages you to take the actions within the area indicated by the position of Leo in your chart. The energy of fire that brings inspiration and calls for action is magnified by the trine between the Moon and Mars in Sagittarius. If you need that extra motivation to bring positive changes that will actualize your being, this Full Moon will get you going. With the Sun in Aquarius,  which represents an airy yet intellectual approach, you may have been talking, thinking and analyzing but now it is the time to act on it. Only by taking actions which correspond with our free will desires will SheUniverse know what to bring into your life. The law of action stipulates that you have the power to manifest your dreams, but you must take the action first. Without taking action in the physical realm, your hopes won’t become realized. So you need to overcome whatever is blocking you – fears, laziness, insecurities – and bravely do something! When you take action you set into motion corresponding effects that change your immediate future, and if you keep doing it, the results will radiate exponentially, like a rock thrown into the stillness of a body of water. 

Pele, Goddess of Fire
“Elements” by Cathrine Langwagen

Mars is at 25 degrees of Sagittarius, fast approaching the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sag, which has been activated in November by the Jupiter and Venus conjunction which I wrote about previously. Whatever came up during that time may well find fruition with the current Mars transit. It’s an auspicious time as the cosmic consciousness enters the sphere of human awareness. It’s a good time to perform a ritual to harness the planetary energies. 

The fiery quality of this Full Moon is enhanced by Venus in Aries approaching the conjunction with Chiron. Chiron, the wounded healer, has been going back and forth since last October, occupying the first two degrees of Aries and helping us collectively to heal our imbalances that we still carry from the age of Aries, the destructiveness of violence, devaluation of women, and separation and exploitation of earth. By sign and house placement Chiron shows you core wounds that block you from stepping into the fullness of who you are. Aries at its best has the leadership capacity, stepping into your own unique way with inner confidence and strength. The shadow side of Aries overemphasizes the ego, devoid of sensitivity towards the needs of others. With Chiron in Aries we can heal our sense of self, whether you are too self centered or too fearful to use your inner power. If you were ridden by doubts around your self-worth and ability to assert yourself, this Full Moon with Venus conjunct Chiron may bring resolutions. This Venus is energizing, idealistic and quick. With her power and confidence she can strengthen the healing process initiated by Chiron. I like to think of Venus in Aries as Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of fire and volcanos. If you have ever heard that Venus in Aries is in its detriment, I can reassure you that the feminine can be mighty without feeling guilty about her own strength and potential. 

Yannanda, The One Who Speaks With The Stars is an alter ego of Jana Astanov a multidisciplinary artist, poet & astrologer https://www.instagram.com/jana_astanov/

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