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Debut! Ariel Beesley’s New Video “Here Comes the Rain”

Dec 27, 2019

By Melissa Rodwell

Ariel Beesley Releases her New Video Shot by Director Joey Kuhn and Alice Magazine Debuts It Today!

In her own words, Ariel explains the inspiration for her new video:

“I chose to cover The Eurythmics’ “Here Comes The Rain Again” in tribute to Annie Lennox, wanting to channel the powerful way she portrays emotion in her music – the lyrics are soft too but also commanding, something most women can relate to. Because we can be both. And that’s badass. 

The video was directed, shot, and edited by a longtime friend, Joey Kuhn. When creating this video, we were inspired by one another every step of the way. Shot on VHS across Los Angeles, our collaboration pays homage to our love of 80s MTV music videos, bordering on the line of kitschy, and sometimes crossing that line altogether. Makeup artist/model Valentina Ruby perfected 1980’s glitter looks to tie the vision together. I styled the video with clothing that I wear in my everyday life, combining my love for fashion and character with my love of music. 

Upon finalizing the video, I felt so seen. Joey depicted all the parts of who I am and what my music represents. That, to me, is the most important of all!”

To See More of Ariel Beesley Go Here!

Ariel’s Instagram: Link Press Kit: Link Nomad Models: Link

Joey Kuhn’s Instagram is @dandyjoey 

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