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Circumplast circumcision in a child- aftercare questions

Good morning Dr Khan

This is ……  (child’s father) 

Father: (day 1) I wanted to let you that the my boy’s genitals has slightly swollen? Is it normal? 

Dr. Khan: Slight swelling is normal.

Father: We haven’t used the salt yet because I fear it might get the top part wet. Do we have to use the salt or is it optional?

Dr. Khan:  (Give) bath every day with 2 2 teaspoon salt inside bath water.

Father: (Day 5) Hello doctor, Is it normal that the shaft still looks slightly swollen still at this point? Doc It’s kind of swollen

Dr. Khan: —– This is normal swelling. If this is not associated any other symptoms like (high) temperature, pain , or pus etc, you carry on same, Please apply olive oil inside the ring. Donot send any picture. Just update me on this. thanks

Dr Khan (Day 6) How is your son. please let me know if you need any help.  

Father: Doc the appearance of it does not look normal. Am (I) getting a bit concerned.

Dr Khan: Has he got any symptoms apart of swelling. 

Father: no, besides some flu and cough. Nothing to do with the swelling I suppose.

Dr. Khan: Swelling will settle down once ring will come off. Have you applied Olive oils

Father: Yes and sometimes Vaseline

Dr Khan : If he has any temperature, pus, or redness, then you need to start antibiotics.

Father: But antibiotics we bought is finished. Do we have to stsrt another dose in that case you meant?

Dr Khan: No need at present

Father: Alright Doc , Thanks

Father: (day 11) Morning Doc, ring is almost falling off.

Dr Khan : That is good . It means ring will come off  within 1-2 days 

Summary:  Children older than 2 years takes Circumplast circumcision ring will come off within 10-14 days. Swelling is normal if it is not associated with other symptoms. Dr. Khan is always available to give you an advice via mobile phone. We have deleted all indentiable data from this communication to keep patient confidentiality. 

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