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Adult male circumcision – London clinic patient feedback

Adult patient feedback 27 June 2018 about adult circumcision due to tight foreskin – phimosis BXO 

“Dr Khan was amazing. I am 35 years old and was rather worried about getting circumcised as you could imagine! I needed to get it done and I di not trust what my NHS doctor said as he was rushed and not really paying attention in the consultation.  So considering we are talking about my most prized possession, I decided to pay for it privately! Dr Khan was highly recommended and the operation was really pain free and very relaxed considering the circumstances.  I healed very well and the results are amazing. If any adults are wondering – circumcised is better!  Dr Khan gave me his mobile and answered text messages any time during healing and gave me a lot of support – so above and beyond the NHS – I was so pleased and could not recommend him enough – thank you for everything Dr Khan!”


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