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Circumcising older boys

Circumcision in older children can be quite challenging under local Anesthesia in community circumcision clinic .  

Our practice is to apply EMLA local Anesthetic cream 45-60 minutes before the procedure. We give mild sedation (midazolam) 20 minutes before the circumcision in older children. 

Procedure will be performed under local anaesthesia (short acting – Lignocaine and long acting – Chirocaine). We wait 5-10 minutes after local anesthesia to maker sure the procedure will be pain free. Parents will accompany the child during the procedure. There is screen between surgeon and child in the designated theatre so that child will not get upset by seeing the procedure or equipment. 

Children watch cartoon or film on phone or iPad during the procedure. child will get lolly pop and bravery sticker at the end of the procedure. Our staff attends and reassure the parents and child during the procedure. 

Please see the feedback from the mother: 

27th August 2016

Written by a mother at Thornhill Circumcision Centre

“I would like to thank Dr Khan and his wonderful team for the amazing service we received today. My son was circumcised by Dr. Khan who has gone above and beyond to help my son calm down before he operated on him. Dr. Khan and his staff were so caring and attentive to all our needs that makes this surgery stand out from the rest. I will be forever eternally grateful to Dr. Khan.  Thank you!”

Thornhill Circumcision Centre, main theatre
Thornhill Circumcision Centre, main theatre
Before Operation Preperation Room
Before Operation Preperation Room

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