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Bygone Halcyon: This LA Band Rocks!

Oct 24, 2019

By Bella Carles

Photos by: Joel Hodson @topephoto

Bygone Halcyon is a female-fronted rock band from LA. Not particularly influenced by any one band but the raw power of rock music as a whole.

Listen to their new single Love/Drug out now!

“We thrive on the energy that rock is able to provide and tap into it with our anthems of self-awareness.”

 “Bygone is a platform for us to bring back that gritty rock culture and attitude that’s been sorely missing in the ‘alternative’ culture. We are essentially an entourage of misfits looking to create chaos with our in your face lyrics and stage antics. A rock’n’roll circus coming to your town. “

Find more of Bygone Halcyon on Instagram @bygonehalcyon

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