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Bxo and Glue Circumcision

Bxo and Glue Circumcision at Leyton Clinic, London Uk

Please read feedback from adult who has BXO foreskin and had circumcision with glue at London UK

Overall – ***** (five stars)

Explanation- *****

Bedside Manner -*****

“I contacted Dr Khan due to the lack of information and care I received following my NHS appointment. From our initial phone conversation right until my final consultation, Dr Khan has been great in providing me with clear information and most importantly answering the many questions I had. Dr Khan was also reachable via WhatsApp so I can send him questions after the op if I had any concerns. Another reason I went with Dr Khan was due to using glue instead of stitches and how glad I am I did. The healing process was very simple and it now looks very neat and (other than the obvious) you would never know I had surgery”.

Patient seen for: BXO circumcision

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