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Bitch Queens

Sep 27, 2019

By Bella Carles

Bitch Queens have exterminated every last ounce of shame and on “City Of Class” they reveal the darkest of holes (their “shiny white asses”) to their beloved hometown. Is this their quid pro quo with Basel – a town that prides itself on its love for the arts with heavily subsidized Museums, Theaters, and Orchestras – for kicking them out their home and studio to build new family housing?

Nope, a stretched finger would be way too obvious and these DIY-Queens are accustomed to self-help. With the hand of some friends from the scene and asylum in the renowned One Drop Studio, Bitch Queens have managed to expand their punk-rock palette against system and sexism to self-reflexion. As “motherfucking neutral Swiss diplomats” directly from the middle class the title song takes a good long laugh at themselves. And on “Sucker For The Blues” or “Negative Heaven” they wallow in the fact that as a proper Swiss citizen it’s custom to go looking for that long black hair in the soup instead of just enjoying the free food.

Bitch Queens’ fourth studio album brings a new phenomenon to the well-tamed Denim-Kutte-Scene from Switzerland to Sweden. Maybe because it’s not the easiest task to show yourself your own ass? The self-experiments in front of a mirror show clear results: This is fun and liberating! And once your reputation is ruined anyway, it goes without any shame whatsoever. The studio hymns like “Süperböy” or “On And On” have never come out of their fingers with more ease.

With Four-voiced gang vocals, four-handed guitars and a bad-boy attitude drenched in self-irony, Bitch Queens manage to shatter stuffy Swiss clichés from Europe to Japan to the USA, at least for one hot and sticky night at a time. With “City of Class” the punk-rock diplomats from Basel will bring together even more happy concert-goers worldwide – with more energy and efficiency than any good old Swiss compromise on the international dancefloor of politics could ever achieve!

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