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What is the Best Circumcision Method for Male Adult

Many patients are asking from surgeons or urologists about different ways of to circumcise male adult. Patients look into Google to find the answer, but they become more confused.

There are different techniques and methods for the circumcisions: 

  • Forceps guided method 
  • Sleeve method 
  • Clamp method
  • Freehand method

These procedures can be achieved by using glue, stitches, Shang ring device, ZSR or CircCurer (LangHe) staplers, or combinations of these.

What Is Evidence In The Medical Literature

Adult circumcision with Shang ring


  • 1.     Quick and bloodless
  • 2.     Higher patient satisfaction 
  • 3.     Lower operative pain
  • 4.     Lower risks 
  • 5.     Small wound bleeding 


  • 1.     Wound healing takes longer to heal
  • 2.     Significant Wound gap 
  • 3.     Healing by significant scar gaps in some cases
  • 4.     Require removal of the ring 
  • 5.     More pain during recovery 

Circumcision with a Stapler device (ZSR or CirCurer) 


  • 1.     Less operative time
  • 2.     Less operative pain
  • 3.     Less complications 
  • 4.     Lower infection rate
  • 5.     Short healing time
  • 6.     Less swelling 


1.     Residual stapler nails longer than 4 weeks 

2.     Staples requires removal 

3.     May leave stapler marks 

Circumcision with Stitches


1.     Less expansive 

2.     Easy to use 

3.     Customised as patient requirements 


1.     Leave stitches marks and tunnels

2.     Stitches take 2-3 weeks to fall off

3.     More painful than glue

4.     More chances of infection 

Circumcision with Glue 


1.     Waterproof 

2.     Less bleeding 

3.     Less chance of infection 

4.     Less painful

5.     Heals quicker

6.     Best in cosmetic outcome 


1.     Operation is longer

2.     Technically challenging

3. Expansive operation

In conclusion, a recent report showed that the use of tissue glue in comparison to stitches is cosmetically better and has less complications.

By looking the medical literature, photos on the internet, our results with the ”Khan technique of circumcision” were superior to all other methods and these results are endorsed by many patient’s feedback.

The Khan Technique of the Circumcision: He uses his own surgical techniques using mainly glue with 1-3 stitches, which is a custom made result for every individual patient. With his 27 years experience, the “Khan technique of the circumcision” is the best circumcision method of adult and boys over 16  years of age. 

Dr. Khan can discussed about the initial outcome and long term about the “Khan technique of glue circumcision”

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