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Optimal age for non-therapeutic male circumcision using Circumplast and Plastibell devices in a community clinic is under 6 months.


Non-therapeutic male circumcision is performed across the country at different ages according to parents’ choice, religion, social and cultural attitudes. There is no national medical guidelines for parents, physicians and independent providers. Our aim is to review the outcome of circumcision in a community clinic to find out the appropriate age for circumcision.

Material and Methods

We have reviewed the outcome of non-therapeutic male circumcision (n=1387) over a 1 year period (May 2014 to April 2015) in a community clinic, performed under local anaesthesia, using Circumplast® (n=208) and Plastibell® (n=1179) devices. Data was collected prospectively and early postoperative complications were compared in children under 6 months (Group A) and 6 to 110 months of age (Group B). Follow-up consultations were arranged if required.


Mean age was 1.6 ± 0.04 months (median 1.1) in group A and 38 ± 1.6 months (median 29) in group B. Complications was significantly lower in group A (7.1% n=74/1038) versus group B (26.7% n=93/349) (p<0.5). Ring impaction/migration was significantly lower in group A versus group B (2.6% vs 23% n= 27 vs 81, p<0.5) respectively. Postoperative use of antibiotics was lower in group A versus group B (4.3% vs 6.9% n=45 vs 25) but not statistically significant (P>0.05). Follow-up was required significantly less in group A (25% vs 52%, p<0.5) and mean follow-up was 24 days (range 1 to 305) and 14 days (range 1 to 373) in group A and B respectively.


Incidence of complications in circumcision for 6 months olds is significantly lower when compared to 6 to 110 months old children.  We can conclude that under 6 months is the optimal age for non-therapeutic male circumcision in a community clinic using Circumplast® and Plastibell® devices.

This study was done at Thornhill clinic.  

Source: 27th ESPU Congress – Harrogate, England, UK – 2016

Consultation for baby circumcision  
Consultation for baby circumcision  

Dr Khan comments: In my experience of 22 years, ideal age of infant circumcision is under one month of age. Healing is quicker and less complications at this age.  

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