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Becoming the Master of Your Face

Aug 26, 2019

By Sasha Safdiah

Photography by Ron Beaver https://www.ronbeaver.com IG: @ron_beaver

Sipping on my latte, I was mentally preparing to cheer my friend Zoe on before her big interview that morning. The jingle of the coffee shop doorbells made me look up and see a clearly distraught version of my friend. In a hurry, she slumped into the chair across from me with red swollen eyes and what looked like was an attempt at some sort of eye makeup but now looked like a murky mess. Before I could open my mouth to speak she started ranting about how she was struggling with her makeup that morning to only end up with red eyes and lopsided blush. She went on to explain that she tried to do her eyeliner and kept messing up. 

As a woman in her 30’s, she was so frustrated to feel that lurking in her makeup drawer were foreign objects that stood in her way of success. Her hands flailed as she spoke and she could barely get her words out. All I heard was, “I’m not gonna get the job! I don’t look fit to run a lemonade stand at this point”.  After a few deep breaths, I took my sad friend into the bathroom and fixed her face up with whatever makeup I had in my bag.

I dabbed some concealer under her eyes and covered her eyelid up to the brow bone to wash out any color that was blotchy. It looked like a clean slate. I used a neutral cream shadow all over the lid to set the concealer in place.  I powdered bronzer lightly all over her face and eyes with a big powder brush to softly bring the glow back in. I switched to a blush brush and caressed her cheek with the same bronzer and tapped some rose-colored cream blush on the apples of her cheek to create dimension in a very subtle way. I used a nude/peach on the lips and topped it off with a clear gloss. A few strokes of mascara later and she was interview ready. She hugged me with gratitude and relief and begged me to teach her how to do that herself. I looked at her and said one word; “Practice”. 

Later that night, a more familiar version of Zoe came by, calm and collected, confident and excited. She told me how she aced the interview and expected a callback. She had dazzled them with her easy charm and attributed the success to the confidence she felt after our quickie makeover in the bathroom. We spent some time going over the steps she could take to become what I term “the master of your own face”.

I lined her eyelid with a very thin eyeliner brush dipped in dark brown matte shadow. I went over it with a simple kohl black pencil drawn on in tiny dashes. I explained that she didn’t have to worry about the line being perfect because of the next step.  I used a short tight rounded blending brush to glide back and forth over the pencil to smooth it out by merging the shadow and the pencil together. This gave her eyes a soft focus and foolproof look. I explained that these steps can be repeated if she wanted to raise the intensity. Zoe went on to do the other eye. She took her sweet time and I was happy she did. It looked great but needed a little bit of practice. She wiped off the eye that I had done and copied the steps again and it looked even better. She smiled brighter than ever and hugged me till I fell over. She nailed it. Taking time to know your face and learning it inside and out is a recipe for success. Apparently, it was for Zoe because she got the job! 

Find Sasha Safdiah at www.sashasafdiah.com and on Instagram @sashasophia

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