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BECCA Has A No Pigment Foundation Because Virtual Makeup Is Actually A Thing

Aug 18, 2020

By Amy Sciarretto

No pigment foundation? Wait.. What? Why? How? BECCA Cosmetics’ Zero No Pigment Virtual Foundation is a thing. And it actually works. Yes, we know. It sounds like a head-scratching anomaly — but it’s hardly a pointless product.

Any regular makeup wearer or makeup lover knows that the main function of foundation is corrective. It’s designed to even out skin, to cover imperfections, and to serve as the base on which to build your entire makeup look. Unfortunately, even with brands releasing 40 or more shade choices, it can be a real bitch to shade-match to your unique skin tone. You might search long and hard yet never really find the perfect shade. You might not be able to figure out if your skin is either cool or warm-toned, either. Liquid and cream formulas can be heavy, thick, goopy, and cakey, while some powders can look chalky or settle into fine lines. So foundation, while awesome, is not without its challenges when it comes to application and use.

Enter BECCA’s No Pigment Virtual Foundation, which is disrupting the face makeup game in the best way.

Courtesy of BECCA Cosmetics

Here’s how it works. The clear, lightweight product smoothes skin and adds a transparent matte finish, ultimately banishing shine. It also hydrates skin and basically acts like a mattifying moisturizer. So if you want to forego a full face of makeup in favor of letting your skin breathe and if you prefer a bare natural look, two swipes of this comforting, colorless product is legit all you need. We still have a month of hot, humid summer weather to swelter through and this anti-foundation foundation will carry you through.

Courtesy of BECCA Cosmetics

No Pigment Virtual Foundation allows your natural beauty to take center stage. If you want to rock the ever-popular “no makeup” makeup look, you can pair it with a slick of pale pink balm and a coat of mascara for a subtle enhancement of your features.

You can also also rock it with a rich, matte, and bold-hued lipstick or statement smoky eyes and still look glam. It’s all about balance, balance, and more balance. The best thing about this virtual foundation is that it won’t compete with the rest of your makeup.

Courtesy of BECCA Cosmetics

BECCA Cosmetics Zero No Pigment Virtual Foundation adds a soft focus, slightly diffused finish to your face. If you are taking advantage of time in quarantine to do low-key, low-maintenance looks for those daily Zoom calls with colleagues, then this will be your Holy Grail product.

Grab a jar for $36 a pop at the BECCA site or at Ulta and Sephora locations and their respective websites.

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