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Newborn Circumcision Methods and Procedure With Aftercare

Newborn Circumcision methods and procedure with aftercare

 Methods of baby circumcision 

Following are common methods are available for neonatal (under 1 month boys):

1.      Plastibell Circumcision

2.      Circumplast Circumcision

3.      Morgen Clamp- commonly done as  Brit

4.      Circumcision with Gomco clamp

5.      Circumcision AccuCirc Device

6.      Bone cutter or forceps guided method

7.      Stiches

8.      Glue Circumcision

Regardless of which method parents choose, following should be completed in baby circumcision:

·        Informed consent from both parents

·        Parents Identity to prove their baby

·        Check red book to have history and weight

·        Examination of baby to exclude any contraindication e.g. hypospadias , severe buried penis

·        Check surgical equipment and instruments

·        Discuss pain control and effective anaesthesia

Preparation the site

·        Clean the areas using the antimicrobial wash

·        Asses the external meatal opening

·        Mark the site

·        Separation of foreskin and dorsal slit

·        Peel the back of foreskin

·        Release of adhesion

·        Stop and diathermy the frenulum artery

·        Selection of size of device

·        Position of Circumplast device or Plastibell

·        Position of ring or bell

·        Apply the ligature

·        Make two throws

·        Excise the excess skin

·        Check bleeding before the cutting the skin

·        Break the handle and apply antiseptic powder or gel

Aftercare and healing after baby circumcision 

·        Watch for bleeding

·        Monitor urine output for first 4-6 hours

·       Numbing cream to relieve the pain:  Apply instillagel sterile gel 3-4 hourly for 24 hourly

·       Pain relief:  Paracetamol according to weight

·        Fucidin cream three times a day until ring come off

·        Bath everyday with salty water

·        Follow Dr. Khan advice and contact us if there is any problem.

Note: These are the information for guidance only, it will not be replacement of professional opinion by medical doctors.

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