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ALICE’S Gift Guide: BOOKS!

Dec 11, 2019

By Tyler Mitchell

Electronics are lame, and buying clothes for anyone other than yourself is just plain dangerous, so what’s left this holiday season? We love books here at Alice, especially art, travel, architecture, photography, and anything else filled with beautiful imagery or design. So in an effort to look at more real stuff instead of screens this holiday season, think about giving a book, even if it’s to yourself. Here are our top pics that are currently available from Taschen, the king of art books. We’ve made it easy for you as well, just click the book to bring a copy home!

1. Peter Lindbergh

I mean it’s Lindbergh, what else do you need to know?

2. The Polaroid Book

If you aren’t a photographer or aren’t into Polaroid, you might not know that the last commercially available peel-apart film has been discontinued, and what little remains is now demanding insane prices on the interwebs. Since it’s much harder to shoot your own Polaroids these days, this one’s a good way to get a nice collection of those gorgeous instant photos.

3. Fashion History from the 18th to the 20th Century

For the fashionista in your crew. You can’t know where you are going unless you know where you’ve been.

4. The NASA Archives

Because Space is awesome, and pictures from space are therefore awesome as well.

5. The Star Wars Archives

See above about outer space being awesome, plus, everyone loves Star Wars. If you’re a ‘trekky instead, I’m sorry I but I don’t think I can help you.

6. Cabins

Because if I’m honest, any of these places are where I wanna be right now and every day forever.

7. Midcentury Memories, the Anonymous Project

Instagram used to be called Kodachrome, and you had to be physically with someone to show them your images, of whatever happened a week ago. You can fight me on it all you want but I think that was a better system. Don’t worry though, IG didn’t go away….. but Kodachrome is back! This book is full of collected images shot on the famous emulsion, and is a winner for anyone who loves analog photography.

8. Case Study Houses, The Complete CSH Program

The complete account of the Case Study Houses program, with photos, floorplans, and more exploring the mid-century redefinition of modern homes. Also full of places I’d be happy to live, or at least split my time with one of those cabins.

9. Japanese Woodblock Prints

If you’re at all interested in Japanese printmaking, this book lifts the veil on the little-understood art, revealing the stories and people behind the 200 most exceptional prints from 1680-1938.

10. The Stan Lee Story

Personally, I was never into comic books, and am therefore somewhat underwhelmed by whatever new superhero movie comes out each week these days… but to each their own so if someone you know can’t get enough, they’ll love this behind the scenes look into Stan Lee’s comics.

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