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Advice to the patients about the sending photos after operation via email or social media.

GMC has issued following good medical practice:  

 “Using social media has blurred the boundaries between public and private life, and online information can be easily accessed by others. You should be aware of the limitations of privacy online and you should regularly review the privacy settings for each of your social media profiles.

This is for the following reasons:

a. Social media sites cannot guarantee confidentiality whatever privacy settings are in place.

b. Patients, your employer and potential employers, or any other organisation that you have a relationship with, may be able to access your personal information.

c. Information about your location may be embedded within photographs and other content and available for others to see.

d. Once information is published online it can be difficult to remove as other users may distribute it further or comment on it.”

 Please do not send any photo to Dr. Khan, his secretory or clinic via email or any social media. 

This is our strict policy of London Circumcision Centre and Thornhill Circumcision Centre according to GMC Good medicl practice. 

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